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Red Canary Rental Limit

The Red Canary is almost always filled up with people's membership pads, which I think is really unfortunate for a space that provides 'classier' short-term rentals than the cubes on Red. There's not really a shortage of 3 room membership pads on Red, but there is a shortage of other spaces.

I'd suggest limiting Red Canary rentals to no more than 3 days at a time with no eviction period -- enough for a multi-day bacchanal but not so much that it becomes just one more apartment building.

I personally don't think you should be able to apply membership to any of the lower-priced apartments in Red. There's entire complexes filled with member slots and it's rare when those slots become available.

Telling new players to pony up for membership or bleed flash on 7-8K a week pads isn't good optics. Especially since most won't know a damn thing about hustling well enough to be able to produce that flash consistently.

On the one hand I agree, but on the other hand I do love the theme of living in a brothel, feels incredibly cyberpunk. I'm not sure.
On the point of how much rent is versus free rent via membership pad. If the Red Canary is a cheap one, I agree, leave the cheap ones for the folks paying with cold hard cash, make the expensive spots the member pads.

I mean, I agree -- except that it's not actually a brothel, you know? Because it's all apartments.

The Red Canary would not be cheap for weekly rental without membership.

My experience is exclusively with joys living there, but if it's all being used for apartments for whoevers then yeah, I definitely agree.

Because it's not intended to live out of. It's supposed to be a place that you hit for day labor of the horizontal kind.

I don't mind a working joy living there. I suppose you could have a policy that says up to half of apartments can be membership rented by a joy. I mean, memberships are supposed to be ICly justified things, though I've never really seen that enforced.

Before we put the change in there were a number of apartments almost never rented by anyone, not even for a day or two. Some, yes, but most of the (not going to give the number) aparments went unused. To allow more living area on Sinn I requested we change some of the RC rooms to MEDIUM pads while some are left as daily rentals.

To Talons point, new players aren't renting RC rooms as they cost more per day than smaller places do per week.

To Pavane's reply, yes it is a brothel. Simply because some coded rooms allow long term rent doesn't mean the brothel isn't a brothel any longer.

I think this speaks to the bigger housing shortage that has been discussed many times on the bgbb. The staff has stated that they are aware and working to correct the issue.

As for there being limited residences for PC sex workers, I think that is really an IC problem. I see ample opportunity for business licensing and intrigue around ERP - I think if you engaged with this issue on an IC level you could probably resolve it in some fashion. A brothel is defined as a house where people can visit prostitutes. It's up to you as the player make a house a home...or in this case a brothel.

I think we have plenty of high end mix housing. It's the low end (cheap) housing I feel is often in short order. But the Red canary was never low end or cheap.

ReeferMadness with that oldbie wisdom.

Beat that bitch mixer until their brothel is your brothel, choomba!

i swore i replied to this, but i agree with Grey0 on new low end/mid housing

as a player not paying for membership, there is a ridiculous abundance of housing that is seemingly aimed at paying members that is pretty hard to pay for otherwise if you dont play 24/7 or make that much chy

meanwhile, the other cheaper, smaller blocks are constantly full, sometimes taking months to open up (i can think of at least three or so blocks where i saw this)

i may disagree with the staff/other players on this, but a neat themely abode is something i feel everyone should have easy access to without having to pay for membership or wait ages, instead of slumming it in a hotel room or immy apartment forever, which is just extremeely boring even if on theme


"a neat themely abode is something i feel everyone should have easy access"

I think staff does disagree with this, based on a conversation after the Town Hall, but in general I think that having more access to housing that isn't just a generic apartment is good for the game.

I find living in an interesting place that isn't the Crown or VG much more enjoyable than generic apartment #30 -- and also, I tend to show off interesting pads much more often, which then generates more RP. I think it's much more interesting to say 'JoeBaka lives in the converted apartment above Blitz Laundry' than 'he's on Ashlin Crown Floor 25, w room.'