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Re-attaching severed limbs
Quick, get it on ice!

Would be cool if skilled enough doctors could re-attach a severed limb provided it's brought to them in time, and offer another option for those who might not want cybernetic replacements if they're lucky enough to still have the limb laying around after the fact.

Here's another idea to add on to the options: vat-grown replacement limbs (and other parts, such as eyes). Maybe offer different levels - for cheap, you can get a generic premade one that won't quite match your body, or for a little more (and some time to grow it) you can get a replacement cloned from your own DNA.
I like that idea as well, the only issue is that it might completely offset the need for cybernetic limbs altogether outside of player preference. Maybe a long wait and recovery time for something like that could balance it out.
There are already ways to recover severed limbs that are not cybernetic. Ask around IC :)

I think cybernetic limbs are more about want than need, as they can provide benefits and be outfitted with modifications that are not available on flesh limbs.

Cybernetic limbs are the intended fix for missing limbs, as this is cyberpunk, a genre about technology invading personal spaces including our bodies.

Regrowing limbs and vat grown limbs is a more solarpunk concept.

Edit: Just to add that cybernetic limbs are only about need, and nothing about want. Cybernetic limbs come with a hefty cost and are intended to offer the miraculous advantage of once again using your missing limb.

(Edited by MirageGM at 2:00 am on 1/24/2022)

I have to disagree; multiple cyberpunk settings use cloned replacement limbs and organs as part of their setting (Shadowrun being a key one that comes to mind), and the use of cybernetic replacements in such settings can most certainly be for the want of improved performance over flesh (see: transhumanism as a cyberpunk concept).

That's not to say that cybernetics cannot exist side by side as replacements/alternatives to cloned replacements, and cost and time of one versus the other can vary by setting. And it's not necessarily to say that cloned replacement limbs are a Sindome concept (though the proliferation and commonality of other vat-grown products sets the stage for it to be and hints at the possibility), but to say that such replacements do not fit in a cyberpunk theme ignores a fair bit of the cyberpunk genre.

It might be an idea to push this direction of cyberlimbs being the only replacement IC as there has been a history of IC push to use other things to replace limbs, that might still be lingering around if you want to snuff that out. I am not sure how to say without getting to much into IC.

But VS and clinics have historically had offerings for organic replacement parts. I think prior to the intro of the sever system, but this still sits around in IC Lore.

I'd love to have this conversation more on OOC, as I love waxing about cyberpunk. I don't think Shadowrun is cyberpunk, especially post 2nd-edition. It's science-fiction fantasy, and not terribly comparable to Neuromancer or classic cyberpunk staples. Or what the future looked like in the 80s, less punk. Obviously with deviation based on who runs it. I have a lot of opinions on Shadowrun. Magic makes it a straw man comparison with many cyberpunk media, though.

Anyways, for Sindome, I don't see cloned replacement limbs being a thing. The rich have fancy cyberware, not cloned limbs.

Reattaching severed limbs is something you should investigate in game.