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Range in combat
Making distance matter.

There's one major element of combat in Sindome that I think isn't all that great. That being, the element of combat range. A character with a pistol has the same range as a character with just their fists, who has the same range as a character with a knife, who has the same range as a character with a shotgun, who has the same range as a character with a sword. As soon as two characters are in a room with each other, they can attack each other instantly; Fist Punchjab can attack Gun Shootbang instantly. This kind of invalidates one of the largest parts of actual, real-world combat; whoever can stay furthest away from the other, while still hurting them effectively, tends to be the victor.

I won't pretend to be a coder, or a game designer, but this seems like something that could do with being considered. Here's my own small idea of how to simulate distance in combat.

One: Each weapon is given it's own generalized effective distance. Most unarmed attacks obviously have the least possible range, going up to short blades, followed by melee weapons, long blades and short-ranged firearms, followed by medium, and then long range firearms.

Two: Each room is given it's own generalized size. A street is a Huge space; characters would need to run up on each other, through a crowd, to attack. Something like a bedroom is a Small space; most anyone would be able to attack with anything they have in such a small area.

And then have those two ideas... mesh together somehow. Characters wielding melee weapons would have to approach each other in order to attack each other; closing the distance in order to enter their own effective ranges. The speed of this would probably be determined by each character's own personal speed. If Person A has a longer-ranged weapon, but their opponant only has their fists, maybe Person A would be able to get some free swings/shots/slices off while their oppant needs to continue to close in in order to deliver a beating. Like I said, I'm not a game designer; this is just my first, sloppy idea as to how this could be remedied.

Maybe some of you also have some similar combat gripes, and have ideas to fix them?

I like this idea. Maybe give long range users one free strike on the streets or 'big' rooms.
You're assuming both people aren't trying to close the distance / keep the distance.

Ranged characters already have unique tools and advantages, they don't need a straight up combat advantage mechanically over other players, that idea would never happen.

Well one problem I can spot right away is your initial premise just isn't true. Different guns do have different ranged abilities. Pistols can only be used at close range, while other guns do not have this limitation.

We could assume that we could do something like spend a combat round closing or distancing ourselves. But that would just lead to one guy constantly closing while the other guy constantly distances in a knife vs gun battle. I'm not sure how much this would add to the fight. In the case of knife vs knife you assume that players close, in gun vs gun you assume they maintain distance, so it's a null effect there as well. I can see this just prolonging the battle with spammed commands to constantly distance, but maybe there would be more to it with faster characters able to get in more attacks than slower characters. I'm not sure. Posture could also affect your auto-distance: If defensive, and closed, or wielding a gun spend every round backing away. If neutral just attack as normal, and reverse the effect for offensive, auto-closing with melee weapons and distancing with ranged weapons.

You're assuming both people aren't trying to close the distance / keep the distance.

But... they don't. In combat, it seems to be assumed that all characters are standing next to one another, trading blows and dodges.

Different guns do have different ranged abilities. Pistols can only be used at close range, while other guns do not have this limitation.

True, which is why I didn't mention weapons that already have an increased range in the post. A sniper should be able to fire from out-of-room, and they can! So that's good and doesn't need to be changed.

All the rest of Shin's post

Well if you spend all of combat running from the other person, but never attacking, but also never fleeing the area, that just sounds like a good way to tire yourself out and/or prolong things until your faster opponant catches up to you and shanks you. But I do see your point. Like I said; I have no idea how this would really be implemented, and I don't pretend to. But I feel like it's an idea that could be talked through.

I get the impression you're not really aware of how firearms fit into the game currently.

They're extremely strong, both off and on-tile and offer benefits that trade-off nicely for their tighter legality and loading requirement. This would flatly buff firearms on-tile, when they already have the benefit of being able to fire at range, and they already perform exceptionally there anyway - guns chunk people in straight up on-tile combat.

As it is now, there's a careful balance that allows firearms to be very dangerous and absolutely effective yet without invalidating melee users; this is for the better, I feel. The katana wielding streetsam is a mainstay of cyberpunk.

The katana wielding streetsam is a mainstay of cyberpunk.

Amen, brother. Amen.

I agree with Curt5. Why would my pc whose attacking someone with a carbine put himself in a situation where he's standing ontop of the opponent who is a brawler or some other type and give the CQC fighter the advantage of me being in their playing grounds when in truth I can mantain some semblence of distance while busting off rounds to keep them dodging and at bay. Then when they grapple. Fights over. I'll let you grapple me and stand next to you so if things turn ugly for you you can just grapple me. Also, unless the person in question is mentally ill or a BADASS or someone literally fighting for their life (without a clone) I see no reason why any sane person lunges for someone wielding a gun. Have you ever been pulled on? I have had a magnum pulled on me, scarey shit. Now tell me how you're gonna lunge for a person shooting at you. Maybe disable grapple for people using guns like disarm is disabled for people with guns.
Why would my pc whose attacking someone with a carbine put himself in a situation where he's standing ontop of the opponent who is a brawler or some other type ...

If you don't want the possibility of being charged and disarmed, then there are ways to depending on the weapons, location, etc.

If you know you're going to be attacking a brawler, 1, why put yourself in that situation and 2, plan accordingly.

But shit happens.

Right now we trust people to pose and not meta and to RP. Believe me, I've been in a situation where someone had to be 10 meters away or more (per something they did/pose) suddenly grapple/grab someone who just stepped into the area of a street and the 1st person wasn't anywhere near the person who just stepped into the "room". It's unreal.

Thing is, someone who truly knows boxing, judo, etc, they would know how to close distances, quickly.

This is a game and balances are worked on. Cookie cutter characters who all know the same stuff isn't appealing.

Though I like the idea of someone not being able to grab someone or be near someone right away, maybe they can be lying in wait at where they know a person will be.

I'm not sure I'd want an additional command to "close" the distance but maybe something can be done down the road? Meantime using the @notes for your plan can be useful.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, since I didn't read everything, but there is already a mechanic to represent closing distance, from what I've seen. I'll describe what I've had happen, sans IC info.

I have been in a fight before and changed to a guarded posture, only to have a gun pulled on me. I then tried to disarm the person, only to be told I wasn't close enough to do so. As in a coded echo. So, I had to change postures and wait until it switched over before I could actually try.

Now, on to my thoughts on weapons and distance. I would like to see the effectiveness of various classes of weapons affected by the room you are fighting in. I'll give a few examples. In cramped coffins, unarmed and short blades would work better, while melee and long blades are harder to use, thanks to the lack of space. Pistols would also be penalized, but not as much as smgs and rifles. Then you go bigger rooms, where melee and long blade reach count for more and pistols are also easier to use. Next up, you have more open areas where pistols are at their best and then finally really open areas where smgs and rifles can make best use of their range. This just a basic primer on the idea. A wakizashi would be less hindered in cramped spaces than a katana. Hell, add a ninja-to, a stabbing long blade designed specifically for close quarters combat.

I think this could add some really fun tactical elements to combat. Then you have to plot, trying to get the best battlefield for you and your side.

Like, there is no way thug a and b can take enforcer c with his big fucking boom stick, unless they can catch him in a confined space where they can beat his ass down while he struggles to get the barrel pointed the right way.

We have the concept of closing range and keeping range when it comes to combat. You either want to stay close to your opponent or keep a specific distance / cover between you. Your weaponry and posture control which of these your character will be doing at any given moment.