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Randomized Weekly Job Allotments
No More Friday Runnerpalooza

As it stands, jobs are reset once a week, prompting people to hammer them all out in one day if they can. Crates, drugs, deliveries, and so on.

Then the rest of the week, they can just go and do whatever at their leisure... Or do nothing at all.

I propose a randomized allotment per week, per character, to when they can take a job.

The intent here would be to incentivize people to be out and about more, hitting up various venues for work throughout the week, to spark things being more lively and also to prevent particularly cube-cozy people to hammer them all out in one go in the dead of night.

Possible ways this could be achieved is a randomized timer upon completion of a job. Weekly per character integers of X drugs, Y crates, etc.

This idea is far from crystallized, so feel free to pick it apart, but I do thing some variation of it (and variation in those jobs in general) would help from their supposed current standing as being gamified.

I think this would be a nice change in relation to all automated RP, and it would accomplish the same thing it already does but make it feel less gamey.

Would be nice if the weekly cap would be randomized as well (still in a similar range but more randomized to create different amounts of gigs) so that a cargo driver one week had X amount and the next they'd have Y amount, etc etc. Same with couriers and other similar jobs.

I think you could also do it by rolling 1d7 and just assigning the day of the week to that character individually and leave it at that. Wouldn't expressly need to have it variable over time, although that would make for some interesting things where people might be more in need of payday loan services and the like.

Friday payday meta sucks. It makes trying to do your NPC business a total pain in the ass for no real reason, makes getting factional rep a pain in the ass, and also floods the economy flush with dollar that doesn't last the weekend, leading to slow weeks.

Fully support this idea. Down with universal paydays!


A weekly reset would be necessary in general, due to how maintenance works in the game, and also to prevent people from hitting a "run" of 1, 2, 1, 3 etc days between their jobs being dished out.

Imagine getting lucky and doing a month's work in a week...

Then again, maybe that's a potential use for LCK?

I think there might be some projecting going on here about what players are regularly doing, and in particular about how often the average player is playing.

Not everyone is playing Sindome for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being able to do the things they need to do on the weekend is how a lot of players are going to engage with the game, and they're not going to have hours and hours to jump through hoops for basic engagement. Those "cube cozy" people playing in the middle of the night might only have that time to play, because that's their TZ primetime.

One of the most common criticisms of the game is it doesn't respect players' time and is a massive time sink in general. I don't think we need to exacerbate that any further.

Eh. I like the consistency of Friday resets.

That was also a concern I considered after I'd initially posted.

I also have no solution to limited time meeting the concept either, without increasing the cap for players who do want to do more, but then it rewards people with more time.

One would think that under this system, the part-timer experience would be fairly consistent?

You log on three days a week for two hours each. Hit your handful of hustles. Chances are you're going to hit your cap very easily - in part because the market isn't flooded for days on end where the NPC's just don't want anything the entire weekend.

If anything, I'd think that the part-timers and low availability people would stand to gain the most from this. Right now if you log on a weekend and try and run something on Friday, Saturday, and (usually) Sunday, the NPC's have of candy chain-rammed in their pockets.

When it comes to the income cap, the goal is to meter the experience so the game isn't dominated by 80 hours a weekers, and everyone is on the same basic playing field to some approximation (I described it as within an order of magnitude, which I think ends up being pretty accurate). I don't think that type of system should be randomized or made any more complex and confusing, and should remain consistent and the same for everyone at all times.
Might just be a personal opinion of weighing a flat experience via consistency and fairness with everyone getting the same amount, versus adding more randomized elements to promote people getting out and about.
I think any reworking of the income cap should follow a system that trickles allowance into the income cap on a daily basis.

Instead of, hypothetically, earning 7,000c a week with resets every Friday, a more beneficial system would be that 7,000c is the maximum cap and every day 1,000c is trickled back into your income allowance. That way everyone can make a little money every day, or if you don't play as much, you can still do a backlog of work to make your 7,000c of that week.

I don't think such a system promotes getting out and about. I'd say it promotes people spending all their limited time trying to figure out how their resets work and diverting time they would have spent to RP into trying to make basic income.

Players are going to play as much as they want to, or feel able to, and there's already a lot of pressure on them to play more than that or risk missing out.

It's supposed to be easy and reliable and boring to get a basic level of income each week. The whole point of that is to allow players to spend their time roleplaying and doing the things they want to do be doing, rather than grinding at systems.

Yeah, and certain players don't go out and RP, which is what this issue addresses.

Only issue I see with that would be that staff would have to actually ENFORCE the cap by cutting off any/all over-allocations.

I.E. You have 250c left for the week, you hand a bozo a vial of expensivestuff(tm) juice and you make 250c, not 3-5K.

As the system is today, it's heavily abused to make far and above the actual income cap. Multiple mini-resets a week would multiply that issue many fold, to a comical extent, I think.

Assumptions about how players should be spending their time aside, there's absolutely no future in which players being forced to log in at certain times makes them roleplay any more. That type of system would just mean they wouldn't play at all and pretty justly.

I expressed some concern to the staff about the game's population now being so heavily veteran weighted and this is pretty much exactly why I had those concerns. The available perspectives and voices become dominated by people who cannot even imagine an experience where Sindome isn't a full time job.

That type of engagement isn't an ideal, shouldn't be normalized, and definitely shouldn't be required of anyone. These limits and caps are to protect the game and players as much from themselves as anything, and keep the focus on spending time roleplaying because they want to be, not out of FOMO.

I think there might be some projecting going on here about what players are regularly doing, and in particular about how often the veteran player is playing, 0x. Or what people "should" be doing.

Again, I'm only suggesting a way to break monotony with a system that's been gamified.

@0x1mm What are you even talking about?

...there's absolutely no future in which players being forced to log in at certain times makes them roleplay any more.

That is literally the system today, that you're arguing in support for.


In this case the gamey nature of the system is ideal, because it is a game.

If someone is playing a couple of hours at a time, a few days out of the week, their engagement is massively higher than the median experience. This is probably the last system in the game that players with a lot of time on their hands should shape the direction of, because it's really not meant for them; they would obviously benefit the most from their being no limits on anything. Which would certainly make many players and the game in general much more active, but would also stretch the divide between those who could and those who couldn't.

The whole discourse around dailies and lockouts in MMOs in similar. I don't think we want to be pushing towards things where people have to log in constantly to optimize their play, even though that is already the case for the game. The casual audience that the game does have adds a lot to the experience and helps to break up the cliquey dogma that veterans tend to form amongst themselves. It's worth protecting their engagement as being equally valid.

Maybe you can explain then Talon, how you think a randomized lockout would benefit players with less consistent or available time to play? Because it sounds like the opposite of a benefit to me.
I already did that.

Randomzied lockouts mean that demand is distributed throughout the week, meaning, that NPC's are more likely to want things on any given day as opposed to being practically locked out for half of every week.

Normally if your goal is just making money, that's fine. But there's a real problem with people trying to garner reputation with certain factions, because those NPC's are just full-up a good portion of the time, starting Fridays, covering all of peak gameplay (weekends) and the demand doesn't open up for some organizations until late in the following week.

This would not be the same situation if people were handing off things on a more consistent (on average) basis throughout the week.

That's a different issue altogether though.

NPCs can accept different amounts of things at different rates and those values can change (and have before), it doesn't have to be tied to player job lockouts at all, and I struggle to see how lockouts would "fix" that anyway since it would simply be shifting the benefit from players who were available at a specific time, to players who were available at some random unknown time.

As far as I know, NPC biz is not simply a quota that fills for the week and then closes, but if there is some widespread issue with mid-week players not being able to do certain kinds of biz, that has other solutions, namely tweaking how often NPCs will do biz, that doesn't require players to do backflips to accommodate a whole complex system of randomized lockouts.

I think that randomized days is a great idea. Ransomizing the days prevents the current meta where a couple of players or group more or less farm all of the NPCs by Saturday afternoon.

I also like the idea to decrimenting the maximum payout / increasing the amount of payout each day. There are a couple of ways to mitigate the obvious ways to game the system.

Limit the amount amount of "chyen left to earn". Much like staff had to enforce a maximum negative SIC credit balance, the amount of chy owed could be capped.

The bigger challenge is people who abuse the cap by selling a big ticket item "last" to maximize the overall payout for the week.

That can be mitigated by some basic calculations.

If *payout* > *remaining allowance*

Then NPC says, "Sorry Bata. I can't afford to pay you for that right now. Try again later."

Now that I think about it, why not just do that by default? It would dramatically alter the way the NPC economy works. I'm sure there will be plenty of strong opinions on it, so maybe that belongs in another Idea thread.

I like this idea in genera because it adds some shaking up to the system. On the other hand, something worth considering is that the playerbase has grown enormously since these systems were in place, and what we're seeing is normal. Supply and demand. Scarcity of customers. Start killing people who are hustling harder/faster than you. How dare they edge in on your Friday biz.

I didn't want to copy paste your prose in a new thread, but feel free, and we can move the discussion over. My response below.

I think we'd need to establish first whether or not staff consider your concern to be abuse before anything else. Rules like help farming seem to imply that they don't. It's always been acceptable within the rules to collect flash up to weekly cap -and- collect a big ticket item, so why would it not be ok to sell that item as well? Squeezing every chy you can out of your hustles is as capitalist as it gets. This factors into automated paycheck jobs too. These 'big three' automated incomes aren't mutually exclusive as far as I understand the rules.


One (hopefully) intended effect would be that people would have more windows to kill their competition, as it would get them out and about more.

Rather than "Good luck, they only come out once a week to do crates."