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Random NPCs.
City of sixty-five million people.

I think it would be neat for randomly generated disguised NPCs to move through the mix, appearing in rooms unpopulated by players and moving through ones where players are, to better illustrate just how common a disguised person moving through the streets is. Their stature could also be random as well, with hulking hooded guys, lithe shrouded manos, average hooded man, etc. They could poof in from a nearby room, walk through, then poof out through the next. I feel like this would really help with immersion, as well as combating metagaming when you really CAN'T be sure that average hooded queer is the same player with queer as their shortname. Perhaps this could also be done with random vehicles?
I am Jinx and I support this idea.
Exactly what I meant with my other post, though this is truly the place for it. Not just those in disguises. We can have your average mixer going to or from their day at the factory. Vehicles for sure, driving through as area.

While we're on the subject, as much as I like the random pickpockets in the mix and such, it seems a bit unfair that you can never actually do anything about them. I'd love to see them moved to a momento system, as well. They spawn, walk around until they find a target, attempt a dip and then run. If the target can catch them, potential rp ensues, if not, it's not to far from the current system, but at least there's a chance.

Seems like more work for the GM's, but I like the idea of throwing in more randomness.
Good ideas here.

Reminds me of wandering "monsters". I like the potential to see the unseen person dipping you. Yes, there are some where it is written that you spot them and they run off and we can keep those, but maybe some actual bodies to hunt down from time to time? Some brushes against you being nothing more than one of the 66 million or so brushing up against you but others are maybe a dip that you might be able to chase but lose them as they disappear in the throng of people.

The idea of the disguised people walking around would be good too. If there are obvious characteristics (nails, tattoos, etc. showing) that you recognize because you know them and they didn't cover those telltale signs up, that's one thing, but one average mano to another or one hulking brute to another, those you just can't tell.

Also dips & npc's with similar short descs to other people would be interesting. it would require a full look of course but by they you're going, "Hey Jim! Why weren't you - oh wait, sorry. You're not Jim."

Well, the momonto code is already in place. I may take a bit of work to add movement and activity, but that could always be done through scripting, allowing players to take the load off. There are plenty of other uses for this, to bring the city to life. Food riots, random muggings, etc...
Best idea of the week solely for the immersion (and anti-meta) aspects.
I like it. I'm not sure of the practicality of it from a coded point of view, but definitely bodes thinking about.
As I've mentioned, there is a momento system in place. For those of you unfamiliar with the term and system, momentos are basically spawned as needed NPCs, who will disappear, along with any gear they were carrying, after a certain amount of time. The 'tourists' seen around the mix are the most obvious example of this system in use.

We also have an awesome, versatile and easy to use scripting system in place. I don't know if this can currently be applied to momento NPC, but perhaps with a little tweaking. I'd love to hear from one or more of the coders on this subject.

Assuming said scripting system is, or can be made, compatible with the momento system, adding new life to the dome would be as simple as players submitting scripts and getting them approved, meaning very little extra work on the part of the staff.

Beyond what we've already discussed, there are plenty of options to bring the dome to life. Your average corpie or mixer grabbing a drink at their favorite club, working a shift at the factory, running a random crate, browsing around stores, etc...Add in a few canned responses to common phrases each one might hear and, bam, new life in the dome.

And the beauty of the momento system is once they're gone, they are no longer taking up moo space, so we can see tons of variety, a random mixer or corpie walking down the street that may never be seen again, without taxing the servers too much.

Then again, I might not fully understand said systems, and this is far more difficult than I'm thinking it is.

Neat idea, sure.

I have another one, which I'm going to be acting on.

You have been warned :)

Shit, what have I done?
Damn it, Geks!

hahhah! :)