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Radio Content

Radios currently are used for communication and little else, and even then, generally are kinda niche because certain levels of radio are minimal range when within Withmore which limits reach.

Some ideas for them as simple scripts similar to what is on SIC currently but would make them seem more alive:

*Random Chatter heard over the radio - deaths? Random events? Something completely new?

*NLM Radio Show or News - Possibly could be player done but I have wanted radio content during car rides for ages. Could be things like the dome weather, deathball scores, random blurbs about recent news events (Last night, there was a mugging in New Light Station, the WJF is seeking two perpetrators who looked like x. Now on to the weather with Stormy Weathers.)

*Badlands Emergency Radio: Similar to the NLM radio show, but akin to the emergency band on boat radios IRL. Gives weather changes, information about it, the time at intervals. Would be an interesting addition given the changes in weather in the badlands not necessarily being linked to dome weather.

*Radio dramas/music - Old NLM scripts transferred to radio? New things that are player driven. Whatever, things to listen to that aren't ad screens. An option to have NLM stars record their songs that are played on the radio interspersed with simpler things like ads that go like (The next song that plays is the latest Juicy Vee song, The Tale of McSwizzle, Joy of Knife Street) to make it not just a solid block of text.

Other ideas are great. I just feel radios at this current time, while they have great potential, are underused because there are no good examples of use for them for players to build off of.

This stuff would all be cool. I think radio dramas and music might not make a lot of sense in the 3D/television world, but I think radio chatter of various sorts would be nice.

One upside to there being a dedicated 'chatter' station to gives out IC info in an automated way -- there would be a reason for PCs to be always listening to that station, and that would create a reason for other PCs to put info out onto that station.

Unless radios have a huge signal power boost or a dramatic price reduction I don't see them being used for anything more than a novelty or niche situations.

I think all handhelds should be able to broadcast and receive city-wide at a minimum and radio chrome and room-installed radios should broadcast and receive from everywhere.

That said, I do like the idea of combat chatter showing up on radio comms. Receiving any break out your prayer beads regardless of the signal on either end might be useful enough for characters in the Mix to carry radios.
I am okay with handheld receivers only being able to pick up in sector broadcasts, but I think it would be good if radio installations could pick up broadcasts from handhelds out of sector -- though it's possible that I'm just not sufficiently familiar with what they can and can't do, or if is the result of bugs.

Still broadly -- I think the radio system is one of those things on the edge of being a really flavorful and game impacting system.