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Radios. Cheap and effective means for distribution of information.

You buy a radio and you turn it on, put batteries in it, switch to a station, et cetera. You need a functioning antenna (electro tech work) in an outside location to broadcast.

The catch? Unlike television, you can only broadcast voice, like a gridphone. And signal may be better or worse depending on the antenna hardware and the installation operation. And two antennas dialed to the same frequency can interfere with each other.

But you can broadcast without a license (if you don't get caught) with far less investment than TV.

Granted, SIC partially covers this, but there are advantages to radios - like anonymity and languages, background noise, music, programmed scheduled shows, etc.

What'cha think?

This basically exists in the exact form you provided.
These exist ICly.
*retreats in shame*
Not so fast, Kuz.

What doesn't exist is what I'll call a "receiver network". A cheap, accessible and nearly-ubiquitous way for the general public to tune in. Yes, the situation which was described in the OP does exist in precisely that form ICly. But it has not resulted in the kind of IC culture which other transmission media support. Nothing like the shared-experience around seeing something or someone on TV. Nothing like the Monday-morning gossip over the weekend's loud and public SIC posturing and revelations. Nothing like bookmarking grid pages or posts, and referring each other to resources.

Between the absence of a "radio culture" in particular and that of an "audio culture" in general, I feel like this idea's a good one. New in-game items to support it could include:

Cheap-ass radio receivers which anyone can afford, separate and different units from those which are available now, which have functions beyond the lowest-common-denominator.

A way to record and replay music! Or any other material which could be broadcasted or rebroadcasted. And to play it back into the transmitter (audio gear currently can only pick up voices).

Cheap ass radios that can only tune in to NLM approved stations. Then you can mod them to listen to Radio Badlands.
Cheap ass radios that can only tune in to NLM approved stations. Then you can mod them to listen to Radio Badlands.
Found this. Like this idea.

I've already RP'd listening to music while studying or waiting for the lev (geekily dancing when I think no one is looking ;) ) but to have a radio to listen to random unspecified music (occasional weather bits, sports or news or even traffic reports for the express tubes during rush hour traffic ) would be interesting and where someone might pirate a feed/station.

Xmo has an idea.

Please make music culture.. I swear to God I will write things. Just tell me I can, I will spam your inbox full.
I feel like this has been said elsewhere and when, multiple times, but in case it hasn't, or not in precisely this way or not in a BGBB post I can link to:

Players create culture. Admins do, too, but admins can't fill the vacuum, we can just trickle in to it.

Players can create culture in many ways. Players can, have, and do roleplay being a musician and being a band. Players who don't want to create music culture that way can, have and do roleplay that their characters are fans of whatever they want their characters to be fans of. In absence of content (when there isn't music being actively roleplayed by others or played back from an IC recording), players can still create music culture by roleplaying as if such content actually were available on demand.

All of these things MUST happen with or without admin support. With admin support, there are additional possibilities, but "creating music culture" is a tall order which would consume all available time and resources if players didn't contribute in all of the above ways.

The good news is, there IS another way in which players can contribute. Type "help scripting", link over to the scripting forum, and draft something. It doesn't even necessarily have to be in BabbleOn format. All players are welcome to contribute content and could go ahead and write the performances you would like to see. Was this ever really in doubt? There are NLM channels dedicated to music content. There are NLM programs dedicated to music content. The potential to turn a script (prose, BabbleOn, or whatever) into a live performance run by GMs is never off the table either.

I appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness.

To follow-up with Linekin's point, there have been SEVERAL musician PC's who have had pivotal rolls in the game. As media icons to just down on there luck heroes who dies on RED to be inevitably forgotten. In one instance, a player kept talking about a band they were obsesses with dubbed "The Babysmashers" who became a constantly referred to entity for years to follow.

The power is in our hands!



If you have song ideas, you can always have your character become proficient in lyric / music writing (I'm not going to comment on all the artist prodigies) and post things on the grid forums. Or even find some other character who *is* proficient to help get your idea on to paper and in the right format if your character doesn't know how. :) That also creates RP.

And keep an eye on SIC, there are bands mentioned pretty frequently.

And to bring this thread back on topic:


I think you'll find this thread interesting. I do like the Murphy entry about someone "decides to chime in at a critical moment".

Thank you miss :)