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Quarterly Shareholder Meetings
Bespoke Transparency for Players

I propose that all player-occupied corporations be responsible for having quarterly shareholder meetings. Under the guise of an IC investor meeting, this would serve as a format for corporations to take a victory lap and reveal some of their more clandestine operations in a deliberate way to increase PR and Marketing.


One of the number one talking points on the bgbb is just because you don't see it - doesn't mean it isn't happening. I think increased but bespoke visibility into corporations will make for a more themely landscape for all players by taking some of the more obscure operations out of the shadows and into the limelight.


There is nothing more corporate than mandatory workshops, meetings and summits, etc.

Where would these meetings take place? Would there be a reward for appeasing the shareholders? Are you hoping for Corps to say who they've had 'dealt with' this quarter, necessarily revealing their greatest threats, mode of dealing with these threats, and revealing classified type of work? I guess I want to understand what you want made public and how it will do anything but hurt topside when it's largely intended to be a game of secrecy in some areas.
I imagine these meetings would take place on-site at the corporation in question and would mostly provide factual information similar to an actual RL shareholder meeting.

1. Our stock has risen/fallen x points this quarter. We anticipate earning/losses etc. because of z.

2. Our CorpSec team has dealt with x security events this quarter.

3. We plan to introduce x new product and are currently working on y so far unnamed projects that we plan to release in the next z quarters.

4. Any questions?

A simple format like the above with an opportunity for upper management PC's to publicly gloat about achievements while denying failures seems a solid foundation of a platform. I'm not asking for full open kimono transparency but rather some deeper player responsibilities into how corporations release information and more opportunity to publicly peacock the corporate lifestyle/theme.

Anything that helps corporations show off their power is good IMO. I feel as though a lot of the playerbase writes off corporate influence/hegemony and ubiquity.
I really love this idea as a roleplay opportunity for corporate characters - an event for all departments to prepare for - as well as a way to drive the CorpShare system, which needs to be handled manually by GMs for now. It'd also be one of the more visible ways rival corporations could compare their performance.
I think the rigidity of this sort of structure doesn't take into account how asymmetric things can be at times. There'll almost always be an imbalance with things like active players in a given corp, so expecting one to achieve as much as the other is unrealistic.

Also, in regards to security operations, where would these come from? They take situations that can't (entirely) be fabricated.

While I do like this idea, elements of them already manifest in corp RP. I certainly wouldn't mind the dial being turned up on them, but the last thing I want is a *system* in place that necessitates this sort of thing.