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Put flyers or business cards on vehicles
Advertising, ticketing, or threats!

I would like a way to tuck a business card or a flyer onto a vehicle, like under their windshield wiper, or in their gauge cluster or what have you. Could serve as a way to advertise services, leave a threat to someone, or even just compliment their ride!

As mundane as it is, this is one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time imho.

Ok so I don't like this idea entirely because flyers on my car in real life really annoy me like don't put your stuff on my persona property
+1 the ultimate balancing solution to vehicles
Why not just drop them on the ground?
Why not just drop them on the ground?
Yea, that's exactly why I don't like it, as it sounds like sheer OOC annoyance more than anything.
There really needs to be more harmless ways to fuck with one another.
Then make them ICly, not OOCly annoying. Standing in front of a bike and pressing "remove flyer from X" fifty times, four times a day is not as funny as it sounds.

But if we allow people to say, spraypaint each other rides - now that is something that will breed a bit of RP - need to get this cleaned at a professional place - but also until you can find that person you can drive this at a bit of a rep hit.


I suspect GM's would take the same view of putting fifty individual flyers on a car as they do of putting down a hundred 1 chy stacks. Possible, but you'll probably be told not to do it again after the first time.

Correct, so what's the point of putting the flyers on vehicles specifically over just putting them on the ground, besides the OOC annoyance of having the other player to deal with it?
I have IC reasons that i would rather not discuss. :)
Not gonna lie I would roast everyone with a car anonymously through this
Make a windshield fit like 5 paper/photo items max, make them slip onto the ground after driving 20 or so blocks.
But until they slip off, it shows up every time you look out. Like when you enter a new block, or you're staking out that ganger hangout waiting for someone.
When RSB asked if this were possible in xgame I told them it wasn't, but instantly liked the idea.

I +1 this as an interesting, completely not abusive or game breaking idea that seems like it should already exist. We let you pin photos to walls and flyers on bar. Business cards slipped onto a vehicle (and I see no reason why this couldn't be limited to 1 card or a small number) could cause good RP. Grief enemies with "I know what you did" or "Call me we got biz -Prog-" by dropping cards or letters or flyers on vehicles is very interesting.

Best original idea I've seen in a while.

doesn't seem harmful as long as there is a number limit
I love this idea so stupidly much. I also agree on a limit on how many can be pinned to a vehicle. Enough to be irritating but not a complete stall RP-wise.

If I don't see some serious proselytizing Anor flyers, I'm going to be so disappointed.

SO MANY USES! pleeeeeeease oh mighty coders?
@RSB: They probably have put it on the list already.