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Puppet request expectations
Update what we should expect

I was wondering if the help file could be updated to better represent the expected turn around of puppet requests and maybe some metrics or transparency upon how long they actually take.

Additionally, maybe just some information on what constitutes different levels of priority regarding Puppet requests, a puppet request SLA if you will.

The goal, to calm expectations, have Puppet requests that help staff better and ease any potential tension around puppet requests taking a long time.

Not all puppets are created equal but an average turnaround time per NPC that was provided to the requester would be nice.
The thing is, puppet turnaround will vary from team to team wildly. Knowledge levels of factions / NPCs, availability OOC (of both the staffer & player), and other puppets that might be more urgent at the time are some of the wildly variable things that affect the time of a puppet.

Some simple requests can be handled by SGMs or any staffer who knows how to handle them (i.e., cyberware installs), which merely depend on OOC availability, so they usually take less than 5-7 days.

I'm not a GM, but that is my impression!

We try to get to them all as soon as possible, but sometimes some factors influence when things don't get solved speedily. I don't know if a metric would do more good than bad. How would a player that has a request pending because their request requires higher level staffers that know of faction X, Y, or Z to weigh in feel if they see the average request takes 2-3 days (because SGMs can handle the bulk of the requests and these requests are simple, so they take a very short amount of time)?

I don't want people to feel bad about that kind of stuff when they don't know why their puppet request is taking a while / being clogged.

That's my personal opinion!