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Punching with stuff in your hand.

There should be an option that lets you punch people when you're defending yourself, or attacking somebody while something is in your hand, so you won't have to type 'freehands'.

For example, punching things with your free fist while holding a flashlight in your hand, or something similar' so you won't lose sight of your target while inside a dark place.

Have you tried 'switchto krav' or whatever your martial arts / brawling style is?
Yep, doesn't work.
I tried switchto brawling, which said '

You shift your stance and begin using your Brawling as your primary weapon.'

But regardless of such thing, it merely makes me attack a person/thing with whatever I got in my hand instead, no matter what, and when I tried to do it during combat, all I got is

'This can only be used outside of combat. Weapon switching happens automatically inside combat.'

Simply said, you can't punch people with your free fist at the moment, perhaps could this be fixed?

Could you @bug this? This is less an idea, and sounds more like the game just not working right.