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Proximity blood splatter
Because who doesn't like blood!

I think it would be nice if when you are near somebody that has begun bleeding it would have a chance to get blood on the people surrounding the bleeder.

Gonna shoot a baka in a bar? Congrats, everyone is covered in his gore and has Ebola.

Seriously yes.
This is a good idea... Perhaps have people sitting idly in the room, not have a high chance of getting sprayed. But anyone standing around should be in the splash zone.
This currently happens in some situations, albeit more extreme ones. Standing on the street when a jumper hits? Expect to need a shower. I'm definitely pro-more blood and splashy gore however so +1 here, code depending.
Did you say... a Hattori Hanzo Sword?[/]

It was mentioned that there is code for proximity in ooc-chat a couple days ago when I initially thought of this, so here's hoping it is possible.
+1 that would be fantastic.

you in a bar, some baka shoots the guy next to you, now you're covered in blood? fuck that i paid for these chen mayo sneaks and you got blood on them! BAR FIGHT!

More blood!! :D

I love the uncomfortable/awkward rp this could cause.

Not to mention DNA evidence on random bakas - in case a cut assailant is shrouded. The blood stain thickens.