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Programmable autopilot

I would like to suggest a programmable autopilot that allows (perhaps dependent upon the tier installed) a number of preprogrammed locations to be taught. Once a location is taught, the player can use 'fly to ' rather than having to type out 60 characters of movement for a path. Perhaps the autopilot is -slightly- slower than manually flying a route.

The need for this is pretty self evident, as the flight system and navigation system of Sindome is limited heavily by the medium, and the proliferation of invisible obstacles can make flying from point to point an exercise in frustration unlike anything else in the game.

I like this idea, as it could be a neat way to dynamically manage the destinations that autonav systems use.
I think air traffic control should only be as good as the sector you're in. Autopilot would be great for Blue, Green, and Gold...but Red Sector? Nah.
I think the strength of such a system would actually not be in setting destinations, but rather setting zero points to quickly return to after free flying or after getting 'stuck' in some tricky area.

Being able to just fly to cor1 when player gets into the spatial geometry weeds to automagically reset their overall positioning quickly would be very powerful.

So sort of like macros but specifically for flying?
Not exactly? The nav point would be automatically reached from anywhere once it's programmed in. As opposed to a macro that only works between two predefined points.
As long as we can find our way from the start and end points to the waypoint network, sure. Autonaving from any two points in the game won't realistically be in the cards for performance reasons.