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Progia bombs
Ring ring

Crafting bombs would be so much cooler if you could use a progia to rig a command detonated bomb. This could be really badass or really hilarious if someone dials the wrong number.

More things that go boom please.


Just like in Iraq. +1
>go to Kashflo, bomb hidden well in advance

>detonate bomb

>"Haha I have an alibi"

I like it! +1.

Imagine the tomfoolery you can unleash. Have the bomb made ((Explosives makers +)) go hide the bomb where you want it or hire someone to ((Henchmen/woman +)) have someone rig a camera to over watch the area ((Electrician +)) or hire someone to keep eyes on the are ((Henchmen/woman ++ bonus points if you don't tell them why and have them sit in the blast radius so you don't have to pay them)) Target comes in, you dial the number, kaboom!

The obvious strength here is that you can be as far away from the area as you want to be, but that is also the strength of the other bombs.

You can also detonate it on command which is not the strength of the other bombs, but if you have nobody or no equipment spotting for you then it is down to guess work.

You also shouldn't be allowed to rig these types of bombs to a tripwire because that makes them pointless.

Not to mention how funny it will be when someone fails what should be a decent skill check and blows themselves up building said bomb.
Is it safe to assume that Progia-7's will survive the detonation for later recovery?
Do you know how bombs work or nah?


Remote explosive. Two progies. Call one with the other to set off the signal. Pop goes the weazle.
I was told once that this was, in a way, doable already. I never tried it or got confirmation.