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Progia-11 timestamps.
Please, just some small updates.

I'd like to request two updates to the progia-11 model:

1. Timestamps for missed, incoming, outgoing calls. Also timestamps for new, old and sent text messages. This is helpful for either when you've received a used progia-11 or when you've got one and you've missed stuff while you're out/logged off.

2. Right now the text screen is all kinds of screwed up. The box is small and when words overlap from one sentence to drop down into a new sentence, it repeats words. Here's an example:

[ ]

[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or fu ]

[ future. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]

[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]


I've got out the relevant text, but you can see the issue. Future starts on the first sentence, but there's not enough room. So it takes the 'fu' part of it then writes future out fully on the second line, essentially causing a half-repeat. This can make some texts very confusing and isn't aesthetically pleasing to engage in. If there was a way to reformat that to something cleaner and that doesn't cut words into parts then repeat them on the new line, that'd be cool.

Thank you for consideration!