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ProgCloth Babble-On Revamp

As it stands now, the ProgCloth object type possesses a limited command set i.e. Tease, Pose, Say, etc.

While powerful, these are ultimately barriers that are ready to be broken. I propose we add a sequential loop to the cloth and more commands. For example, the first tease would activate the first program and the second tease would activate the second program. So on and so forth before starting over at one. The number of programs accessible could be dictated by ProgCloth modules OR necessary skills.

In regards to adding to the command set, my proposal is a simple but bold one. Allow ProgCloth babble-on scripts to modify the @messages of a clothing object WITHOUT changing its @finalized status.

Inevitably, if implemented one of you will ruin this for everyone. Do we need a GM review process due to the inherent power of this proprosition?


Sequential loops already exist.

label "Start"

tell %player "Endless loop."

pause 15


jump "Start"

The script detects and bails on endless loops like these but just FYI.

This isn't generic BablleOn though.

ProgCloth by design only supports the very limited subset of BabbleOn commands Reefer listed.

Plus label and jump don't really do what Reefer idea'd.