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Powered up shortdec indicator
Because a flashlight being on it pretty obvious...

I would like to see some indication of a device's status when it is powered on in the item shortdesc that appears in rooms an inventory. This could be a different color, bolding the shortdesc, or even just adding the word 'ON' to it somewhere.
There's an item in-game that allows you to see if items are off or on within your inventory and the room.
Why...........why do you need an item for that?

+1 to the suggestion

Because it's one of the bonuses of the item. It's a QoL improvement to save you the extra however many seconds of typing l device for each individual item to see if it's powered on (most items will show you they're powered on if you look at them) where you can instead type inv/l to see them all at once.

If that's all that item does can't we just get rid of it, and have our characters be able to see if a flashlight is on passively in a room?
Flashlight could be under blankets. Your PCP might just not notice it.

The e-note could be flipped upside down. Could be bright inside.

There's so much context with each individual powered object, they it differs to the item instead of the game having to check a variety of variables every time you 'look'.

If it's a server load thing, sure, that's fine (though if the item is left -on- it is probably generating more server load than the room/inv notification telling you the item is on).

But purposefully creating a 'problem' that requires an item to improve QoL seems a bit backwards to me. Just my 2 chy.

It's not a fabricated problem though. Just look at a thing or check.

None of these objects are mysteriously suspended in the air and floating in your face.

We can argue 'real life physics' all night long. That doesn't matter, it's an (just my opinion here) unnecessary complication of a TEXT based game. This is something that is clearly code solvable (because an item to solve it exists).
It's one of several minor benefits of an item which serves multiple purposes. I don't see the need to take it from the item to make it a default function of the game.