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Portable sic jammer
a rechargeable de-amp

To further enable the conduct of topside crime, i would love to see something like a battery powered sic de-amp that can be toggled on or off, burns through batteries quickly, but has the same sic jamming effects as another item without the loudness of that item.
This would be a very powerful, very expensive and even quite rare tool and most definitely illegal (unless you are the WJF) since this would actively counter the other similar illegal techs.

I remember accounts of this being a thing at some point in time, at an 'experimental' level but was probably actually a handwoven tool for a really old plot, so it probably doesn't count.

Lets just say that this would be like asking for more expensive Aerodyns with laser guns, would it be cool if we had them? Sure. How many people could actually use them or even afford them? Or even be strong enough to keep them? 1% to 5% of the player base.

There are workarounds that get you similar effects but less safe and effectively, and I think the amount of risk is justified, while if this tool existed it would mitigate said risks almost completely and that would be boring for the game.

I think this is a good idea, though I don't think it impacts the risk vs reward in topside crime.

What about instead of an object (which might have larger balance issues in other places) SIC on Gold in public places being something an electro tech can disable? The grid is in better shape on Gold than in Red, but not as secure as on Green or Blue.

This gives more jobs for criminal techs, gives a reason for the WCS tech job to exist to repair these outages, gives more friction topside -- SIC is out a block north of Cobblestone -- and reinforces Gold as the "mixing point" between Red and Green/Blue the descriptions suggest.

Sounds like elite-level gear for outsourced Corp Sec mercenary missions against other corps. Plausible deniability, cutouts and slush funds, black everything.
I can't be the only one thinking that the result of using this topside in a non-private area would be a lot of SIC chatter from NPCs amounting to...

Trebone >> What the fuck. Why'd I just lose signal?

Bono >> Yeah, I was just talking to my ace cool while walking down Skywatch and all the sudden the feed got cut off. What gives?

Helmet >> Oh. I thought my term was broken or something. Woo!

JayJay >> OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK. JUDGES! There's a bunch of ninjas stabbing the fuck out of this guy just east of Soma on Skywatch! I had to run two blocks before I could even get signal!

Graphene hat.
Great replies!


I think that's valid, but I could also see -both- options being simultaneously valid. And I would heavily support having options for how to accomplish this singular goal.


If this delayed automated SIC response or other notifications by thirty seconds, or even just made the automated location reporting a more generalized 'somewhere on gold, sic just went out' I think that's actually a good thing. Now anyone attempting to respond has to -hunt- for the source, which buys the person using the device some time. And really that's all that is needed in my opinion.

This would be highly beneficial in encouraging risky operations for Corporations. I do support the idea that this tech should not be easily attainable and should definitely be in the interest of more than one PC.
How about a personal signal jammer?

When it's on your person, your signal is jammed, but you can plant it on your victim to blot out their signal. Adds a bit of risk because (1) you first lose SIC when it's in your possession, and (2) if your victim gets away, you also lose out the chy you invested on your yummy signal jammer.