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It's a mix hospital!

Ok, this is mainly geared towards the Psyche ward. Having been hired there more than once over the years through multiple chars. I have to say... it's pretty uneventful and the motivation to go do rounds is meeeeehhh. Unless there is an active story line going on which does happen but they are few and far between.

Suggestion. Add NPC's into the psyche ward! Have them have different ticks or do different things, like attack your ass when you make your rounds. Or hide, or steals. Then it's securities job to take them down and shove them into one of the psyche rooms that never get used. It would add a lot of RP and sort of give reasons to make more rounds up there. Maybe after a certain time the NPC's locked in vanish and more come out and cause issues. I dunno. Just a thought.

Adding to this, I think NPC walkers being present at least on the long term floor would be a nice touch as well. It is almost fully unused and just adding some walkers/momentos there would do a lot to add flavor.
And maybe they can randomly have a weapon Or something useful to confiscate.