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Pop-Pops 4 All
Rebalancing an underused tool

This is a bit of an unorthodox suggestion because skill rolls are so integral to everything in Sindome, but it was inspired by another setting with one-shot disposable firearms that were used alongside other weapons.

Essentially the idea would be this: Pop-Pops are rebalanced to have a certain smaller limited capacity, merged into a single caliber, given fixed damage attack rolls and also have their pistol skill rolls removed completely. I.E. anyone can make a Pop-Pop attack with the same effectiveness.

It seems weird, why would a pistol not use pistol skills, but there is precedent here with other fixed outcome combat items and I think it would be pretty cool for a few reasons.

+ It would give non-combat characters a themely defensive option that has decent strength for lacking a skill check, balanced by it's limited capacity and disposability.

+ It would let characters with other weapons make use of a quick shot in combat in addition to their other options, which can be useful in niche situations.

+ It would go along with the theme of Pop-Pops being ubiquitous defense tools that are nonetheless not for specialists, something that is not really de facto reality because of how cheap real guns are in comparison.

I think it might bring more fun use to an item that doesn't really have much of a place in the current landscape, and make guns a little more of a presence in the game without at all effecting the mid and upper tiers of weapon balancing.

I think due to the way multi-discipline items are coded - this wouldn't be possible with a bit of heavy lifting. That said, I'd love to see disposable firearms in EVERY firearm category.

I also don't think it's fair to give melee-range weapon users the sudden bonuses of ranged weaponry with zero trade-off. They already enjoy what is perceived as a insanely huge advantage with the mechanics and social implimentation.

Slamfire pipe shotgun comes to mind.

SMG could be something like those SGM's stemming from WW2 that were designed to be made by unskilled laborers out of sheet metal using whatever tools could be found.

I also don't think it's fair to give melee-range weapon users the sudden bonuses of ranged weaponry with zero trade-off.

Like grenades? The trade-off is using a combat round to do something else, the way all other in-combat items work and are balanced. Also my rebuttal will take the form of a gif:

Guns shoot much, much farther than grenades can be thrown. Just very few people use them this way.
Then Pop-Pops can no longer snipe, future problem solved. Although why bother? That sounds pretty cool to me, a ranged attack of decent but capped damage might shake things up in interesting ways. It's not like there is a lot of ranged attacking of any kind going on right now, and there could stand to be more of it I think.

I think there's probably a million balancing hypotheticals but I don't think a modest attack that can be done in other ways can really be called unbalanced without some experiential evidence. No one is weaving frag tosses into their pickaxe rotation right now.