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Pool scent
setting up for tracking by scent...

Just a suggestion along the lines of others that have been made in the past. When someone goes swimming, their scent could be overridden with a scent that is possibly semi unique to the pool they swam in.

This could allow for building a profile on someone's activities to make them easier to track down and target for RP. (Joe Baka always smells like Zesty Pool on tuesday, I should set up an ambush there to catch him).

I'm just visualizing corpsec team members dropping in and sniffing random employees to determine if they've been consorting with the rival corporations.
I can already imagine the latest cyberware: Enhanced Olfactory Receptors. Automatically smells everyone's scents upon entering a room, and gives a lingering scent of anyone who got laid or cut in the room in the past two weeks.

Combine with dog mods and you too can be a police dog sniffing out crime. 🤣

Personally I would like to flex on those that trade the luxuries of an open air pool for their paranoia security bunker housing with my scent, I'm all for it.