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Pinging players before puppeting.
To save the staff's time.

I feel it would be helpful if there was a feature that allowed GMs to ping a player who has requested a puppet just to see if that player is idling or if they are going to log out. This way, a GM doesn't have to go through the process of puppetting an NPC only to have the player non responsive and there by wasting the staff's time. It would also avoid an IC situation where it would look as if the NPC were being ignored. And while on the topic some sort of a token system where players requesting a puppet are assigned a number so they know when their turn might be approximately. Just a thought that I had..
GMs can already see if you've been idle or not, and will reflect this in puppets when necessary. I also disagree about the ignoring part -- the GMs give you time but if you tried talking with your boss and are alt tabbed when they try to contact you or miss it, then your fault. Go @ooc next time.
Alright. Thank you.

We can see if you are idle or not and generally try and respond to puppet requests when you appear to be active - within limits. And I am personally against an OOC messages being exchanged before a puppet as it breaks immersion for no good reason in my opinion.

Things to keep in mind:

- If you are logged into Sindome and IC then that means you are here to play Sindome. If you aren't ready to play, please log out or go OOC.

- If your character does not ICly respond to another character then they don't respond ICly. That's just how it is. The other character can be bothered or disappointed or whatever else fits them.

- While we do our best to accommodate players and take care of puppet requests while they seem to be active, sometimes we just trust you to be responsible and paying attention if you are logged in. So if a puppet requests just needs a quick private SIC with a short answer, we will just send that off and it's on you to see it coming in. From the NPC's perspective, they did their part.

I want to stress again that we are all very busy staff side so we trust you players to be paying attention. Its one way of doing your part to help us all run Sindome more smoothly. It is on you to to pay attention play when you log in and are IC.

Thank you Mobius. I'll keep what you have said in mind. Apologies for the incovinience.