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Ear, lip, nipple, nose. Whats the ruling?

So as far as I know there are no 'objects' in the game which allow bodily piercings, like how you can get clothes tailored and tattoo's done in game by other players. I was wondering if there were any ideas to implement piercings into this? Or whether piercings are just allowed to be put in @nakeds willy nilly.

If they do in fact exist then that's great and we can all find out how to get them ic'ly etc. But if they do not, then why not?

Kind Regards,


I think @nakeds and jewelry items suffice, honestly. A revamp of the seems excessive. What I am curious about is the legitimacy of someone using a tattoo gun to add piercings to someone. Seems effectively the same.
As far as i know Johnny does not like and wants to stop 'jewlery items' aka rings and stuff being made out of cotton etc. If they are allowed to just be put in @nakeds then that's great. I wasn't sure on the ruling for it which is why i asked. Tbh @nakeds should work pretty fine for them if permitted.
This has been talk in-depth in the past, as far as I know piercings are not allowed to be made with the current existing tailoring materials since you can't make them out of leather, cotton, etc (This doesn't stop players from doing it anyways).

The @nakeds thing is kind of a gray area, it seems to be the same policy as with @nakeds tattoos, which is "If your character got them before they entered the Dome it is okay, otherwise it is not".

Also in theory, the metal materials that would be needed for the craft of piercings and jewelry would be integrated in the game at some point, or so I was told several months ago but it clearly is of low priority.

That's kinda dissapointing :/ was hoping to be able to get my character some piercings but if they have the unless you start with them then nope policy that's a bit of a shame D: but oh well... guess we just wait and see if they get added.
Your character can get piercings. Or should.

ReeferMadness mentioned this earlier too. (@nakeds)

There are piercing and tattoo parlors all around the Dome. Tattoos do have coding so you'll need an artist for those but I can also see henna temp tatts being done by *certain* artists.

There are jewelry stores and department stores in the ambient city. You can find cheaper bits of jewelry. Shopping centers outside the major mallplexes.

@nakeds for now but then there's the bit about coming out of the vats without them. ;)

Dog groomers, nail salons and spas, they're around just like ambient bands.

Note: The jewelry would be simple, cheap and not worth a lot. If you're looking for rings with rubies for example, that'd take a lot of money and you'd need to make a note I think of what you're trying to do and steps you've taken and then maybe email but don't harass the GM's. ;)

Okay thanks for settling the @nakeds confusion crafty! It does make sense to be able to go and 'ambiently' get small piercings and the like. Of course if coded piercings do get added in it would be a case of removing them from @nakeds and getting some from those who can do it. Also the vats thing makes sense.

Right. :)

It would be really nice to have an 'official' staffer ruling about this, because clearly (like most things surrounding the artistry skill) there are different 'player perspectives' about it.

The information I conveyed came straight from a staffer who at the time xhelp me and the tailor I was working with to explicitly tell us it was not okay either by the using of tailoring or @Nakeds.

Also if you can @Nakeds your piercings for free, you might as well do the same your tattoos and clothing (lots of folks do it) depriving artist characters of flash and RP.

Doesn't seem right.

Well no, tattoos and clothing are explicitly coded. Doing a piercing in @naked surely does not deprive any artist characters of doing something due to there not being code for it...
But yeah a staff ruling would help a heck of a lot.
You could use @nakeds but still work a deal with an artist character, you can give them an idea and let them write up the description, even if you don't have to pay for piercings doesn't mean you shouldn't. And remember, style over substance.