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pick-pocketting protection plan

This is a tangent off the post earlier by Slither on Game Problems & Complaints about ideas for improving the system or making things harder to pick-pocket. It seemed better started under Ideas, so here goes.

I don't know the pick-pocketing system at all so I can't offer any constructive input on that. But, what about implementing anti-theft features on phones and wallets?

Phones - obviously this would only apply to the newer models. But, have an anti-theft feature that allows the owner to set up a code when phone is purchased or 'legally' changes hands so that if the phone is stolen, the owner can contact a Progia dealer and enter the code to effectively lock the phone - rendering it unusable. The only way for the phone to be usable now would be either the code inputted to unlock it or, for the less legal method, a hacker to hack the phone.

Wallets - wallet chains that can secure wallets to pant pockets. Have it be something that can be added to the nicer, leather wallets or a new product that has the chain and wallet attached. It wouldn't stop pick-pocketing, but it might cause a higher skill level to steal it?

Bras as pockets - Men, don't laugh - we really DO this shit. Since the wallet chain would require pants, have it be where a woman, if wearing a bra, can have the chyen in her bra/bra strap, which would cause a higher skill level to steal it?

Just a few ideas!

Love the idea especially for more expensive phone models, gives people a reason to invest in a nicer phone, gives thieves a reason to reach out to other PCs, gives deckers something to do. We already have a newer phone reset feature this could interact with even.
Just because someone invests UE in a skill is not a good reason not to provide counter measures - both those that require UE expenditure and those that don't. This happens with many skills.

And yes, dipping is a high risk command - especially for new dips. But it is also high reward. Not many ways to get thousands of chyen with a single command and with real way of getting caught if the dip was successful (unless you were a complete idiot).

If you directly compare that to other ways of taking things from people against their will and I'd suggest that things are fairly balanced from what I've seen. There are other things that worry me more.

And highly trained dip... Yeah. Good luck. :-P

*stops pickpocketing you*

*Shoots you for your wallet instead*

To me it's kind of like saying that there shouldn't be anything but basic armor because I invested my UE into being a martial artist.

The fact is that people can buy things that make a combat character's life harder. So I see no reason why money shouldn't be able to be thrown at making life harder for pickpockets too. At the same time, I would suggest that dips be able to throw money at the problem too just like a combat character can try and up their offense.

And you are right, you could dump the same ue into making a combat character and mug people instead but I don't really see this being more profitable or better. If you succeed in a pick or steal command you are good to go in most cases. The consequences for a failed dip are higher but the benefits of a successful dip are higher too in my opinion.

You could be successful in every attack and defense as a mugger and you could still very well suffer for it - even if you try and take precautions. And sometimes the precautions cost more than you'll get from the mugging.

Dips can target and manage to steel from characters that would often result in a quick death if you tried to mug. And a successful mugging is far more likely to result in you being IDed than a successful dipping unless you invest heavily into subterfuge skills.

Muggings take longer too. Higher chance of being caught in the act and interrupted. Higher chance of offending gangs or authorities and getting done in even if you clearly outclass your target. Higher chance of a disguise slipping or of the target reaching out for help or passing on intel about the mugger.

I'm not saying that pickpockets are overpowered or need to be nerfed. As much as I hate getting dipped it's all good as long as people aren't farming NPCs. I don't think that dips are terribly unbalanced. I don't know enough about the system to say with certainty but that's my impression.

Guess I ended up rambling there. Just my initial thoughts. Some likely wrong or misinformed.

There are ways to thwart dips, especially with the 1 time per person per 24 hour rule. I could tell you, but that's no fun. It has zero to do with skills/stats either.

Alll I'm saying is this might work for a month or two until dips invest in murder skills, but again, that's some people's character evolutions and not really wrong, so, is what it is. You can throw wallet chains on, or hide stuff in your underwear, but adaptation will occur and the complaints will returns.