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PetLockers TM
When petsitting can't do.

You are summoned by the head of SK to make a presentation about the latest cyberware.

Problem. Your poodle, Pookie, can't go with you and you have no chum around to petsit your little friend.


Fear not, in 2105, there are plenty of solutions for such hassle.

Let's welcome the PetLockers(tm), the nowadays solution to store a pet without endagering their life!

You need to enter a weekly fee and your little mate will be put to sleep until you are back from the business trip.

Sign up the petition now, to be among the first to benefit it! (aka put pressure on builders, lol)

I like this concept if only for the heartless name, instead of something nicer like "Happypet Kennel" 😅
Well, name can be changed. "RePet Cryo Center".
"Pet Heaven" or "Pet Park"
Just curious what this might add to RP.