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Persistant Rooms in the LIterary Archive

I like the various room descriptions that I have come across in the literary archive. It seems like there is a section containing books about nearly every topic that might be interesting to PCs. At the same time I find it a bit annoying that if i leave a room that is described as containing books about aircraft then immediately return it might now be all about weaponry.

I could also see characters with common interests meeting more often were rooms persistent. I could imagine multiple characters running into each other as they search for books on electronics. I know that some of my characters will spend hours studying fin the archives and it would be a fun if they would occasionally run into other characters researching the same topic.

I've also gotten referred to locations that apparently don't exist, or there is a secret way to them, perhaps. I never did find C4.

The persistent room idea could also generate interactions from players who pass each other on a regular basis, on the way to their own room.

I don't know the mechanics of it, but possibly if a player were interested in running a coffee shop, that could be a good location. Create a meeting place that isn't a bar, but gives a funky vibe. Lot of information flowing through there.