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Perfume Remaining
Whoops, you get to stink today

I did a search on the boards for this topic and didn't see any discussion on it. Maybe the current state of perfume bottles is intentional. If so, please ignore me.

Most consumables I've encountered in-game, like food and drinks, I noticed you can get a sense of how much is left by looking at it. With perfume, that doesn't seem to be the case. I find that I'm suddenly at the end and poof, the bottle is gone and I don't recall ever seeing a little hint that my pretty-smell-spray is about out.

In RL, all my perfume tends to be in clear bottles, so I can see how much is left before I need to buy a new one. Is there any interest in being able to look at a bottle of perfume ICly and get a sense of how much is left?


This would be welcome. Buying perfume at the markets is a crapshoot because you have no clue how much is left.
I can't even shake it to hear how much is left. ☹️


Can we add the option to also spray it in your mouth?
This should be a must. Never know how much is left.