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Perform as a command
With an accompanying skill roll

This is going off Mobius's post about how to self-judge your performance ability. What about a perform command you can use without arguments that will output some kind of RNG result, like, "You put on a blockbuster performance," or "You struggle to perform," or whatever. People could use it at the end of a performance to try give the audience a sense of how to react. They'd also be incentivized to use drugs and other performance enhancers to look better.

It seems possibly easy (?) to implement and might help bring a sense of reality and competition to performing.

This would technically prevent people from cheating. I like.
Having been a former performer I would be down with this.
I disagree. I feel a fair amount of work goes into writing a good performance from a player-side, creative perspective, and that's primarily what performers should be judged upon. Just as tailors are generally judged on their creative work, or social characters build a network based on how well they interact with others, I think it's perfectly fine to incentivize working hard and coming up with something good - as long as it's within your stat capability.
Why not have it so that you can run a command against a skill and it tells you OOCly how you did. Which you could use not only for artistry but for any skill. Like you want to do a fancy martial arts kata to impress a baka? Check the command and then you pose accordingly.


Check Artistry

Which gives a message

[You have an average performance.]

The idea being that you would do that before you perform and then tailor your emotes to make your performance better or worse based on what it told you. But I like things that help you get feedback in game as to how well you are doing.

I'm on Rhicora's side.

How would you police such a thing?

Creating anything in the creative spaces in Sindome takes a large time investment, be it art, clothing, performances etc. It isn't the same as nearly any other skill check out there simply due to all the player side ooc prep for it.

We should trust people doing such to keep their stats in mind, not reduce potentially hours upon hours of creative work to a roll of the dice.

Doing so could discourage players from trying it, and I feel we already have a shortage of these kind of achitypes already without imposing regulation.

how would you check for performances that would include various stats and skills?
This kind of thing should be dealt with delicately.

There was originally going to be a topic at Town Hall about retaining Content Creators due to burn out. I believe this got changed over others.

Having someone great and dedicated at content creation spend ages on a performance for some kind of RNG response could hurt the content creator PCs (and everyone else) more than help them.

I've done tailoring, painting and performing. I can say that performances, whether dancing or singing take a lot more time and effort. If all those effort results in an RNG saying "You did terrible." it will cause more burn out and less performers.

After all, music is a HUGE part of Cyberpunk as a whole.

Let's support content creators - they already have to sacrifice other skills and stats in order to fill their role.

I think this would be difficult to code as the check wouldn't explicitly know how difficult of a performance you were attempting to do was, exactly. The performance itself is entirely based on what the writer was trying to perform.

Maybe your performance was standing on one foot and rubbing your tumtum.

Maybe it was singing an opera.

One would imagine there's a enormous gulf between these two things in terms of difficulty, but the game can't account for all the myriad ways in which someone could attempt to utilize the skill.

How would you police such a thing?

Scroll to the top, read the first post.

Because that's what this is - another attempt at policing, though it at least comes in the guise of a "self-policing" tool which performers would be expected to use.

Given that this @idea came SECONDS after Mobius's post about helping people do a better job of that BECAUSE they asked for it, this seems to be predicated on the idea that that post wasn't good enough, EVEN for the artists who are motivated to turn in good-faith performances.

That's the other thing. I don't want to be prompted how to react if I'm in the crowd. If I see a promising new immigrant who writes something ridiculously cool, I want to praise the hell out of this promising talent, even if it's rough around the edges! Conversely, if sit through a low-effort performance but they're some high-UE pure artist, I want to smarmily remark that "yeah, I liked their older stuff, but they're so last year."

Skill checks would make some of these reactions seem out of place, like I'm not roleplaying correctly.

I mirror @Rhicora's comments.

Our characters (usually) base opinions on someone's outfit on their style not how much chyen they are worth.

Characters will always judge other characters on HOW they knock out someone... not their overall 'damage'.

Even in the real world, I sometimes look at something that is high quality and expensive and think - that looks terrible.

The dice roll should not be more important than the content.

Let's also not forget there have been some TERRIBLE artists in reality who were commercially successful. And some really great artists that didn't go anywhere.

Mobius's posts goes into enough detail for clarification on things for players to decide to adjust their RP in content creation.

We should avoid too many coded things for policing roleplay only. Are we going to implement a dice roll for how badass you look after saying something witty in a tense situation?

Horribly stated and extremely creative and successful characters are the bane of Artistry and why some people (including myself, sorry) argues that the skill is kind of powerful. Why, because folx are literally what we call 'power gaming'. Meaning? Not playing to your stats.

If you did this with combat, another combat character comes along and beats you to a pulp and then you can't pretend you are hot drek anymore. With artistry in a competition, you have a harder time showing that you are better than your peers.

I am a bit rusty from by MediaStar days, but I remember that when I used to perform there was actually a command for it, that allowed you to spoof and maybe I am misremembering things (most likely) but I think that if your stats were bad the spoof mentioned you sang or played out of key and that way people knew if you were good or bad.

With tailoring you know if something is good also now, not sure if same applies for bad, don't remember seeing the 'shitty clothing' descriptors yet.

If that is not the case, then I think it should be a thing and that's why I am happy with the idea of commands for performance that communicates the level of performance to the audience.

I think we are looking at this too much from an enforcement angle and not so much as a potential tool for creative RP. I would love to have some kind of OOC command to perform a private character skill check roll, so I have an unknown element to apply and use as an inspiration for my RP.
If you have reason to believe that someone is cheesing their @stats, then just report it to staff. I'd like to think that staff are somewhat active in watching performances and giving @goodthink @badthink to players who aren't following their stats, simply because I have seen puppets call out players for over-acting or just flat-out being bad many times in the past. This is especially true for auditions, where I'm certain that people are skillchecked regularly.
The problem is in Mobius's post.

Songwriting should use INT and Artistry.

Performance should be CHA and Artistry.

Would that mean two rolls?

Mobius's post was in response to content creators themselves asking for help on how to gauge their own abilities when it comes to their content and posing. Off their own volition. Not to do with 'cheating'. It's important to note that.

Given that this @idea came SECONDS after Mobius's post about helping people do a better job of that BECAUSE they asked for it, this seems to be predicated on the idea that that post wasn't good enough, EVEN for the artists who are motivated to turn in good-faith performances.

It's not predicated on anything. I read Mobius's post and thought, why not just automate it to give greater clarity?

The problem is in Mobius's post.

Songwriting should use INT and Artistry.

Performance should be CHA and Artistry.

Would that mean two rolls?

Mobius's post is permission to answer that question and make those judgements yourself. There is no rolling. But you're the one deciding how to play to your stats.

If you can come up with a convincing reason to use something specific in your @stats sheet, nobody's going to spank you for "doing it wrong." If you have a hyper-agile character, and want their coordination to be the stat backing up a particular performance like acrobatics, go for it.

Agreed beandip.

I was making a point that a simple command does not address the whole point of Mobius's post in that many things factor into it.

I'm going to say this and then I'm never posting to the BGBB again. Beandip, I love you, I think you're an amazing artist and performer IC, an incredible roleplayer and a massive boon to the community, but the bolds and capitals and tone just make me feel like I'm on the hotseat for making a pretty straightforward suggestion. I know you didn't mean it that way but like, I don't feel like anyone should get a hard callout for trying to offer a solution.
for the love of anor just let people police themselves

the creative potential for performing matters so much more than pointlessly rigid, anti-fun stat enforcement

i guarantee if anything like this is implemented - it will result in content creators having less drive and burning out more than they already do

vaguely controversial take, but i take performances at face value purely because of how much effort goes into them - regardless of cha and supposed artistry investment

Just wanted to echo GhostInTheMachine and Laerad's comments. Other systems and skills are already 'policed' by mechanics, there is zero reason for performing to be an exception. And I completely disagree with some other posts regarding burnout and players judging performances and clothes or art by their writing instead of value.

I find that artists are actually generally pretty successful, maybe moreso than other archetypes. If you think they have it bad, consider deckers or combat types, who have to spend months getting beaten up by everyone despite it being the focus of their character. An artist can have a great show on the very same night they enter the dome.

I spoke briefly in OOC about it but this is a RP guide, not policing. Your character can like a bad performance. I am for this purely because I'd like a: more struggling artists, and b: an objective 'qualifier' to influence my character's opinion. Yeah, I like opera, but how do I know if they're any good? Their writing? How popular they are? Plenty of artists are immensely popular despite being terrible. I have no way of knowing. And most importantly, due to the obscure nature of the inner workings of stats, there have definitely been plenty of artists who weren't nearly as good as they thought they were and vice versa.

It would be nice to have some OOC reference command like Laerad mentioned so that people don't have to dig through the BGBB to find Mobius's post.


When singing in your roleplay, you should try to make it no better than...

- excruciatingly horrible

- terrible

- humdrum

- just okay

- mediocre

- somewhat enjoyable

- crowd-gathering

- a trained professional

- wholly enrapturing

- your own limitless potential





Since these are soft checks anyway, I don't see any harm in giving people a clear check to judge their creative endeavors. It's the same as referring to Mobius's post, except it eliminates these steps. Ask yourself, are new player creative-types 1 year from now going to easily find Mobius's post or even know it exists?

Bonus points: It could even be handy for GMs to quickly get a guideline on how to ambiently react to creative works if stats don't properly reflect the result.



And always, people can like terrible performances. Half the mix probably wouldn't even care.
I think Mobius' post should be converted into a help file called 'help performance-play'.