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paired nakeds
An idea to help pair nakeds

I believe I saw something a while back regarding cybernetic and robot naked pairings combining if the message was the same. I was curious as to whether there was scope for this to happen across all nakeds, be them flesh, biomod or chrome. This could also come as a QOL for severing and so on regards nakeds management and help reduce some weird, bloated or doubled nakeds.

My idea to facilitate this would be the use of a new % that players could put into things. I will try and put together an explanation that I hope gets what I mean across.

For a pair of arms, the nakeds may look like this.

Left arm naked : %N's %arms very pretty

John's 'left arm is' very pretty

Right arm naked : %N's %arms are very pretty

John's 'right arm is' very pretty

When a character has both arms with the same description they combine to be

John's 'arms are' very pretty


John's 'left and right arms are' very pretty

When either arm is severed, changed to make them unique from one another they revert back to being two separate nakeds. Still thinking upon how injury placement would look, likely just suffixed onto the end of the combined naked.

The same thing could be used for %eyes %hands %calves etc for anything that has naked pairings.

This could also be used to solve to potentially solve and update bio-mod application and design when it comes to making matched pairs as currently there are issues when bio-mods are applied to a single naked off a pair of nakeds. For example, setting left ear to denote both ears, which when it comes to severing could be confusing.

I hope this makes some sort of sense, please critism, comment everything welcomed.

This would be a very helpful addition.
My comment got cut off - this would be a useful addition. However, the sever system needs to be considered primarily. It's also important to allow players to have differences in their nakeds for scarring and tattoos - so this would be a complex change, I think.

A better way may be to be creative with @nakeds, not just copy pasting designs, but potentially using complementary variations between the left and right.

I would be inclined to agree, except this is already a thing for cyber arms, but not cyberlegs. So there is already work that is currently live that functions as the OP intended.

Currently I would say having this would actually help severing, because things that lock nakeds, or match, like cyber limbs, bio-mods and so on get really really wonky with severing.

This was something I brought up a number of times specific to bio-mods as paired nakeds are currently situated as a single naked. For example ears.

Right naked - has awesome cat ears

left naked - blank

So when servered this gets reall wonky.

Having paired nakeds that dynamically change for things that are not unique can help resolve these issues.