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Option to hide unspent UE on @stats
I do not want to know!

Idea : Togglable (on/off) option to hide unspent UE when viewing @stats.

Additional option : Player/User sets a period during which HideUE option is locked and uneditable by themselves.

Reason : This came up in OOC-Chat a little while ago, 'What is the most unspent UE you have (un)intentionally accumulated?' Remove the stats/UE motivation from experiencing the game. Right now I am trying to go a few weeks (or so?) without spending any UE, seeing UE, thinking about UE. It is great. At the same time @stats also contains lots of pertinent PC information that is needed for RP.

Something like that.

I think you should just put some UE into Willpower IRL.
What is "not being aware of, or spending any, UE" doing to enhance tour gameplay?
This feature would be only to satisfy a whim... there's absolutely no advantage in saving UE for 1 month and dumping them in a skill than spending them in that skill day by day. In fact it's the way around, since each day you become progressively better. It's like saying "don't let us see how much money we have in our bank accounts to motivate us to save money". Either way, the number will still change regardless you see it or not, and how you manage your resources is up to you!

It's also ideal to spend the UE as you roleplay the activities which would justify the improvements.

One of our players likes to talk about doing the exact opposite, as a JOKE: Saving up 400 UE until they're in a situation where they want to roleplay a Dragonball-style powerup, pausing the confrontation long enough to @assign all that UE to stats, and posing or emoting going Super Saiyan and revealing his "final form".

But that's a joke because it would represent magic, not anything ICly reasonable.

If you choose to roleplay keeping your character mediocre and developmentally frozen, it's your choice, though I hope there are IC reasons, since NOBODY else's character is delayed this way as long as they're roleplaying (obviously, people who are away from the game and aren't earning UE are in a different situtation). And when you finally choose to unfreeze it, I hope there's an IC reason for that as well as for any potential all-at-once investment of weeks' worth of UE.

You earned it, I recommend that you use it. If you can't use it to get anything more out of the game than what you're already getting, then, that's your decision to ignore a feature, it's not our obligation to hide it from you.

Of course, sometimes the solution presents itself. If what you want is to not have this unspent UE, you can certainly avoid earning it at all.

All fair points and I absolutely agree on the IC situation.

It was a half-baked idea, so no regrets having the community check me on this. Thanks for the input.