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Noggin Knockout HELP!
Stamina depletion / Where my wallet at?

So, I'm sure everyone has been through this:

Spar/Fight reduces your stamina to 0.

Now you can't get out your wallet to pay the doctor.

Stuck there for 20 minutes idling to wait for stamina to appear.

What I propose is a -very- simple solution.

Add an @trust that lets other players take stuff from you without problems. This would simply make everyone's life easier and not have to wait 30 minutes besides an NPC doctor to get their wallet out for heals.

If you get knocked out, someone can take your wallet from you without your trust.
I think they meant when someone is conscious, but unable to use any items because of their exhaustion.
Yeah I've noticed this before. I think maybe just being able to handle items at 0 stamina would be an easier fix? I might be overlooking some exploit there though.
You cannot eat because you're too tired.

You can't sit because you're too tired is a good one.

I think a few things should be allowed with @trust

Yeah. After they're knocked out. Let's say you ask someone to give them something. You can't do that because you knocked them out. Just using the medical stuff as an example because I've personally been waiting for my exhaustion to pass so I can get out my wallet to pay for mine and someone else's treatment. You'll not be able to even get yourself healed if you have a wallet since you can't get it out.
I know what they meant. They made it very clear what they meant. I just offered a solution to their issue that can currently be resolved with a little planning or a little extra violence.
One thing I always found weird was how it seems to be more tiring to sit down than to remain standing.
Alkaline, I get that. But what if you're sparring someone and both end up getting dragged off and no PC healer character is around to heal you so you can get your money and pay them? It's a very specific situation that happens so damn often.
My preferred solution would be to make characters who are so fatigued or so low on health even more helpless. I don't think that someone in these states should be walking, talking or whatever. So I'd prefer they be treated as if they were unconscious until their health and stamina are above a certain minimum.
I really don't think losing a fight should put you out of the action even longer than it already does. That seems more OOCly punishing than ICly punishing.
How does it not make IC sense that when one is 'barely clinging to life' or 'completely exhausted' that they can't really be doing much? Seems ICly sensible to me and not ICly punishing. Maybe not as OOCly merciful but I am cool with that. But this always has been a personal preference on mine that I fully understand most don't share. :-)
Doesn't conflict with Sol's suggestion. Someone in that state should be able to allow someone to take whatever they want from them. Preferably without the need for them to be KO'd or grappled.

Just unrealistic to have to knock someone out to take their Progia-13 if they want to give it to you.

At the same time, being knocked out by force realistically allows you to wake up after a few minutes. It's not like in movies where people stay asleep for hours after they were knocked out by blunt force.
Yeah, and there are times where if you keep knocking people down to take 2 items each time, you'll end up killing them when you might not want to. They won't be able to drop their stuff. This can be done if 1 person grapples someone and another takes stuff from them, but if you don't have 2, you can't do this.
I feel like, if you're okay enough to be conscious, but not okay enough to stand up, you should at least be able to get light things out like a phone or wallet. They shouldn't really be hard to get out unless you're in and out of consciousness nor 'cause you to pass out by reaching for it or something.
I could make you random drop shit on the ground and randomly sit down if you'd like me to. Would make a lot of sense to do that.
Or when you're knocked down, you're automatically sitting? I mean, you've been knocked the fuck out. You're laying on the ground. Would be nice.
Auto-sitting or even a state of laying down but being conscious while recovering from a KO til you have the stamina/health to move wouldn't be all that bad.
My opinion on this most closely aligns with Grey. I've only been playing a few months, but in that time I've come to realize that many characters voluntarily put themselves in the position of being beat nearly to death on a daily basis. Almost dying doesn't seem to phase them.

I think the staff has already been extremely generous by limiting the consequences of life threatening trauma. So much so that most(?) players don't even bother to RP the effects of it.

In the context of this post, if a person is planning to spar to the point of being unable to function, they should plan ahead. Pay the doctor before hand. Bring along a third person who can pay an NPC doctor. Etc.

This brings to mind an old saying, "Your failure to plan ahead is not my crisis to manage."