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No shoes messages

Ever walk out of your pad without shoes?

And realize that you're walking through the mix and your character probably should have noticed they're bare footed?

It'd be awesome if you got some messages when you walk outside without shoes. This could probably apply to the groin location as well. Something about you feeling the ground or the breeze as you walk.

This! Also it should show in your shortdesc as 'bare-footed' or something like how you're 'bare-assed' if you're not wearing pants, I think it would be very noticeable if someone is walking around with no shoes.
Take a mano's shoes and let him walk home in the needles and glass of the Mix.

Promote that medical industry.

Oh man... Take minor damage on the feet every few rooms you wander in the street without shoes in the mix. Catch a needle under a nail...contract a disease... I like.
Personally not a fan of the automated damage and diseases. Feels like it could/would be weaponized and I'm not sure the effort needed is enough to justify the potential reward. Especially as diseases right now tend towards the kind that never go away, are lethal and cost a load to get cured assuming you can find a doc on your schedule.

I personally don't like the idea that I might sign in for one of my limited time sessions, accidentally walk out without my shoes on, then basically be stuck in cure my diseased character before the die mode. Something that could span several play sessions if you aren't someone who can always play eight hours at a go.

I do think it would be nice to have role play prompts as the original poster suggested. This would let me RP my character how I want, just with better situational awareness.I could have them tiptoeing and hopping from clear patch to clear patch. Or wincing with every step. I like the additional situational awareness even if I don't like the auto-damage and auto-disease.

You already can pickup diseases from traveling through certain areas with your skin exposed, I think contracting things from the mix when you're bare foot is appropriate too. Like not wearing flip flops in a dorm shower.
It also makes sense to die from a single gun shot or bomb explosion but that doesn't mean it's the best for gameplay. In the end it's really up to you guys though. As long as the gameplay experience isn't thrown off too much I have little to complain about.