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NLM Streaming Service
NLMFlix and Chill

With the advent of the SQL Database, I began to think about a streaming service for NLM Media. I am not tech-oriented, but ooc chat seemed to think that the SQL database is indeed well suited to retrieving information on demand for things like an in-universe streaming service.

This also fits the way the world would likely look in a cyberpunk future, we have seen the massive rise in popularity of streaming, and on-demand content in general. NLM would also be incentivized, as they could charge for a subscription service rather than having people just tune in at bars and other locations. Ideally you could also watch this on more devices than just televisions, perhaps even a new type of progia?

Tons of potential for this, really I am just throwing out the bare minimum of putting NLM shows into an on-demand format and charging like a weekly sub to be able to view.

I believe the main reason for shows etc. being incentivized to be shown in bars/public places is to have people flock to those locations and facilitate RP rather than people just sitting in pads/cubes and watching it on their own alone. You can probably still do this if you buy a TV, but that's still an investment of chyen.
Having a watch party on your own time at your location of choosing would be possible with on-demand streaming. Maybe for your timezone it is inconvenient to catch both the live showing, and the reruns. Streaming allows you to set up your own viewing time.

Things like private themed parties to watch older shows at times of your choosing would be possible. Also it would be much, much easier for people to catch up to where their IC friends are in viewing.

The addition of streaming doesn't remove the value of live-viewing, as the RP of that is still there.

I don't disagree with streaming as long as it's not for any recent programs. There's a lot of old content that has no place in the current schedule that could benefit from existing in a streaming service.
I came here to make the same argument. There are years and years of content that so many amazing content creators have spent hours writing up to share with the game. It makes me extremely sad that it's just rotting away in NLM's massive storage archives, never to see the light of day until a producer comes along and wants to put these iconic pieces of lore back into rotation.

I also disagree that none of them fit the current schedule. The content can always be shuffled back in under all manner of ideas, nor should recent programming be locked from streaming after its initial debut. On-demand makes it readily accessible to people who'll never fit in those playtimes.

This is why I wish the GMs would lighten up about their ban on media content on the grid. The likelihood of us ever getting to that point is pretty slim.

I'd rather see this as a mid-level decker ability than widely available. Some of the content in those NLM data vaults is pretty spicy.
Why not have the mid-level decker ability give you access to the whole archive rather than just what is on the streaming service? And it can also let you bypass the cost of the subscription.
I like the idea of limiting on demand streaming to old / discontinued content.

The point that @Sulfurado and @Cowbell brought up regarding the RP value of watch parties and public social RP is a very good point. Definitely keep the new and recent content locked up behind the current broadcast system.

The decker idea is AWESOME. I can think of one content stream that is full of paydata. It would be a good idea to gate it behind something, like decking.

I don't think that limiting content to certain play times is the only way to use this content to encourage RP.

For example, have streaming cost credits. If you use a TV to start an on-demand stream your SIC chip gets charged like it does when sending a private SIC. If it costs 1k to stream old content and 2k to steam content it's first month of release, then people STILL have a reason to do this in a bar and split the cost.

Let deckers or tech gurus have a chance of starting a stream for free. The more skilled the more likely they can manage and the more likely it's the show they want. This means deckers can consume the media pretty rapidly compared to others and they are in demand for getting watch parties started.

Not saying that the regularly scheduled programming should go away. Just that being able to pay to start any show on demand would be great as it allows people to play and have parties when it's good for them IRL without removing the desire to do these things as a group.