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nito's, e-notes, e-prints. oh my.
this might be a redundant topic.

This is a tentative suggestion because I frankly don�t know if it�s possible to do. I really don�t remember this particular thing having been talked about before. So if it is possible to do, slap me. If it's been talked about, slap me again.

It�s about my favourite item in the game. THE NITO FUNCAM! *grin*
Some people like the guns, some like the used dildos,  I like the cameras. Go figure.

This suggestion could a) help eliminate clutter b) simplify working with X amount of objects and c) be damned cool. Anyhoo� onwards,

What if you had the ability to transfer images from your nifty funcam to your nifty e-note for nifty storage? And� get this, print them out from your nifty e-note with a nifty e-print?

That way you could keep the nifty images that your char wants to keep and chuck the cheap yet nifty, plastic camera when it�s used up? Yes, I know the funcam is the equivalent of a bright pink, mass produced, digital Polaroid camera. But even now, you can download from cheap digi cams, i mean that's about -all- you can do from cheap digi cams :P

Anyways, I realise this probably entails revamping e-notes, e-prints and nito�s and has probably been on the list for some time.

A girl can dream can�t she?



Being able to connect a funcam to a E-Notes would be brilliant. As would being able to simply scan photo's. It'd be really sick if E-Notes modules would just become 'part' of the item instead of lingering in your inventory. Something like plug and play hardware.

As for some another upgrade I could go for...

GRID Module: Makes the E-note function as a Quickterm and enables the SERVER option. Essentially wiring your notebook into the Grid. This would basically message all of the files on the notebook into the grid (Which can be done now by messaging yourself). Except when done would move them into a diffrent mailbox named "My Files" or some silly thing. You could edit text files on the grid for much easier text management. "Photo's" would be uneditable for obvious reasons. The "advantage" of this is that someone could check out your files remotely. This the coolest part because now you can have whole databases that exist on the grid. Imagine hacking the WJF Criminal Database for a dossier or the NLM Personnel Database to get a bigger paycheck.

Granted, There is a whole grid out there that I have yet to really handle. So I maybe really off on this one.

Do you guys have nightmare's about "the list"?

I have nightmares, and I haven't even seen it yet...

Hell, my -own- list scares me.

On-topic... I can feasbly see the e-note notes storing pictures, maybe a higher version of the e-note you see now. Its not a bad idea to toss around.

I've definitely got this started already.

As far as E-note Modules ... they DO become one with the E-note. You just forgetting that when it comes to memory, there is already a memory module plugged into the e-note. When you install memory, you are replacing the old memory.
Think of it like swapping hard drives in your computer.

And the E-print, when attached, is not in your inventory, but is part of the e-note.

Anything to the contrary is probably a bug.

I was mistaken among other things when I wrote this but I think amping up the e-note would be choice. Especially the whole programming mode. There are alot of other "console" type closed systems in game that would be cool to jack into with an e-note.
Another upgrade idea...figure I'd chuck it here.

It'd be cool if that silly little QuickTerm could actually change color like a chameleon. Could that be a modification?

Skins for the grid could be easily made, they're essentially just mutilation via photoshop. Players could do it and submit them easily.

This allready exists in the game.

You've probablly never used a corpie's term...


In a similar sort of 'consumer electronics' vein... what about electronic media? Maybe such things exist already, but apart from memory modules for e-notes it would be very neat to have various types of storage media, or just one standard media format for recording things like television broadcasts, movies, music, etc. and alot of other ideas I've read about here. So in addition to the television you have some kind of rack with various types of removable media, from hit television series to snuff movies... which would introduce problems like copyright infringement, intellectual property rights, counterfeiting, and various other types of racketeering... heheh.
It'd be nice if you could edit files that have already been entered into e-notes too.
Yeah well, I want DEC graphics, ANSI color, and a COOKIE on my e-note.
I don't know if something like this already exists but I haven't come across anything like it...

I think there is a real need for 'desktop' or 'office' type terminals. I think they should have NLM Grid and e-note/e-print style functionality, but just that they would be installed in a room.

There are a lot of situations in which it doesn't make sense for corpies to all be doing work on their own personal Grid terminal/e-note ... so it makes sense for there to be such a 'terminal' available at the workplace/ in the cubicle.

But no, seriously, back to the funcam...

It'd be nice to erase pictures.


It'd be cool if Nito-Kodaks and E-notes operated under the memory module format. It'd also be cool if the more expensive camera could be used like binoculars for photo you could take photos from a distance.

It'd also be cool if all this existed in a cybernetic format. Although, the potential for disaster when ripping a memory module out of someone's port seems preventative for people using it.

I dunno, its too early for this.

I haven't been updating on the cybernetics but is there a cybernetic-eye that lets you zoom in maybe 1 or 2 blocks and even snap a quick photo? Then just like the skillsoft plug a enote into your head or something. Or even just just full on print right from the head with a e-print. Then go threw some functions then sweep your database clean.. Or if there is limited space maybe adapt the memory modules to fit into your head? Well just some more ideas.

Another thing Buddhabrand said like a home computer or NLM terminal you cold stash in your house? I mean there is a difference froma lappy to a desktop. I suggest put it in a like the new big progia. Cuz the thing does look like a computer... Having it be a 20000c Phone.. that shows your face to OTHER 20000c phones. And not alot of -players- have them. I would get one if it didn't make not so much since of just being a immobile phone right? Well maybe more people would save for it so they could have maybe a phone\computer And maybe this computer is just as good as the quickterm...

Well another point I no there is a Quickterm v1.0 is there gonna be a 2.0 soon? Like the one Kevlar was talking about? And making it just a little easier for mixers to get there hands on one.

That is all.

EDIT: I seem to missplace the k with the c....

(Edited by Ihasamoney at 4:56 pm on April 8, 2008)

Somethings cost alot so mixers don't have them. Wasting 20k on a phone, that's something corpies do. The Progia 20k should definetly stay immobile, but some new features like those the progia-9 had would be clutch...that and a generic caller hologram for those low-tech bakas.

A camera that could work like a scope would be...AWESOME. A cybernetic-eye camera would be cool too...but would detract from the pay-data scene in a way due to the inability to just grab a camera off someone and be like...interesting photos. Plus there's the whole issue of printing...I don't like you should have a laser printer in your ass...its just awkward.

On a  somewhat sidenote, I really thing things like having a database in your skull should wait until we have a matrix.

And some of that other stuff exists. La la la.

Yeah.. I just caught up on my cybernetics...
Your 20K progia is call the Progia VR9000 Telepresence Unit. It's existed for many years, and not only does it let you see the face of the other person, its an entire hologram.

Game on, nothing to see here.

I'm in love with all these ideas. Especially the ones where e-notes and quickterms and cameras are all integrated. As for erasing photos off a funcam, save that feature for a more expensive camera that hooks up to an e-print. I also like the idea of having server boxes locked up in corpie towers that you can gain physical access to and bypass several levels of computer security by decking directly with the local intranet instead of using high risk remote access by tunneling through the grid. That way there is a trade off, either max out your network exploitation skills and work from afar or risk physical security and do the same thing but with a more modest skill set. An all-in-one computer station seems to also be missing from the game, basically a 200,000ch terminal that lets you connect to the grid and do word processing to be the end all electronic device. Then to replace laptops we have a remote access client that lets us log into our personal computer at home. Also, grid pages should require a physical home, an object in the MOO to host them.Ephemeralis