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Nice jacket, you fat fuck!
Customizable descriptions based on size of character.

So we had been discussing in an earlier post about everybody coming through the gates being the hottest thing since spliced chrome, but how about something for the overweight, short, freakishly big chummers?

I'm not familiar at all with the way that tailored items get coded, so feel free to just say this is not possible, but how about a code of some sort that allowed a skilled tailor to add custom messages for different sizes.

Something like [if size=dimunitive] This miniature jacket looks to fit like a glove. [/size][if size = tall] This minature jacket doesn't fit at all, barely covering their forearms and mid-drift.[/size]

Sizes aren't accounted for when it comes to player-made gear through the tailoring command. If people want to play awesome fat fucks and be diverse, it's just a matter of getting the tailor in question to incorporate that style with no extra part on that of the GMs to code minor things like this.
What does this add to the game?

Do we need a 17th-level tweak to an existing system takes time away from areas that are severely lacking or non-existent?

It would be fun for tailors, I would imagine. Would also be funny to watch people try clothes on and find that they fit terribly as the person it was made for was a much different size. Would also be one more way for Mixers to be down in the dumps. Oh a cheap dress! Oh fits like a garbage bag because I'm too small, oh well, fuck it I'm poor.