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New graffitis

I propose that graffitis that have had a new thing added in the past week say so in some way. "The walls have been daubed with colorful fresh graffiti."

Else graffitis often go unnoticed since I don't feel like spamming "look graffiti" in each street room in the mix every day. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Plus one.
I also love this idea, since especially new paint would pop out over 5+ year old graffiti
I also like this idea. Additionally, if this is not already in place, it might be good to have limits on space (like memory mechanics) and to have graffiti fade over time. But most important in this idea. Some way of knowing when graffiti has been added as you pass through would be awesome.
Good idea, or maybe after a certain amount of graffiti per wall you end up tagging over the oldest stuff? Something like:

Original, 5 year old paint in the cube:

Scrawled in black paint: JYNNY WUZ HERE

Scrawled in orange paint: Ding dong mother baka!

The if you paint over it, it would like like:

Scrawled in green paint: J-FUCK that BAKA Jynny!-ere

Scrawled in orange paint: Ding dong mother baka!