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New @naked torso
Bras are a thing!

I would suggest that there's a reasonable need for a 'torso' location for nakeds, allowing for clothing options that show of a bit more skin (and ink!) than the chest or back option coverages allow for. Alternatively, a 'breast' naked would be functionally similar and allow people to wear things like tube tops, tank tops, or mesh shirts with bras and flash their ink.
I'd be up for this, except I'm pretty certain it'd require rewriting the entire @nakeds system and every piece of clothing in the MOO.
While I'm not a MOO coder, do you think it would be possible to just duplicate the current object tags from 'chest' over to 'torso' or 'breasts'? That would at least make old items still cover the breasts until they're modified to suit, so that not every clothing item has to be immediately re-written?
Writing that temporary fix in is certainly possible.
This is mostly covered as there is a chest, abs, and back. Chest more or less is breasts. The one possible addition I could see would be a 'rear', but again, that would mess with the coverage of current items requiring a lot of adjustments, and each time a piece of clothing is altered it loses value.

It's not beyond staff to just add a free, value keeping, edit for all clothes. And unedited clothes simply continue covering new areas close to an area that they've been already covering.
Yeah, it's mostly covered, sure. But my thinking was that you can have a bra or a tank top or something on that shows off pretty much everything but the areola, so if you have a sweet flaming skulls and swallows chest piece across the top of your chest, it'll still be visible without having the girls on full display.