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Music recording/burning
SANdSTORM - stan (eninem).mp3

So, I brought this up at town hall - and I'm pretty sure something like this has been suggested in the past - but with all the new content creating characters recently - specifically music, I think it'd be great to have a way to archive and share some of these performances.

Especially for mixside artists - whether intended or not - most performances will likely be lost to time - which feels weird. Even now, many 90s and 80s bands are still finding and releasing old bootlegs of gigs recorded by random people wayback when - and especially now, there are maaany ways for indepedent artists to get their music out (cds, casettes, online) which Sindome doesn't have.

What I'm proposing is:

- A piece of portable recording equiment, which you can feed songs (say, 25 poses/lines of speech) - that you can use e-memory modules with to increase the amount of songs you can store. There could also be an option to "aim" it at someone for recording someones poses/performance at a bar, nightclub, etc.

- A disc burner (similar to an e-print) that you can attach to this piece of equipment, and burn these songs to discs with.

- Blank discs that you feed into the disk burner (you could record a max of 3 songs per side, maybe?).

- Proper steroes, boomboxes and possibly altering of the freqman code to allow people to play these CD's at various "loudness" levels. i.e: You can hear loud music coming from the south.

What I'd like to see, but would likely be harder to implement.

- A cable/piece of equipment that you could use to attach the recording equipment to a quickterm/liteterm. You could then upload songs to the grid, or download torrents of other songs to your recorder.

- A cable piece of equipment that would allow to attach the recording equipment to a wall screen, to play the music to everyone in the room.

- A proper music store (preferably in the mix) that sells all of the above, has well as a range of music discs to start with (with performances sourced from the various songs on the NLM Music channel). Preferably, a machine would then be availiable that would allow artists to insert CD's and get them put in the machines storage (similar to sticker machines) - and allow them to be purchased by others easily while allowing artists to collect a fraction of the sale chy.

Personally, I think there's potential for a true, underground music culture to be fostered in the mix , but without proper options for people to share music, its pretty hard. I think it would also be interesting to see other uses for discs - such as interviews or even paydata. I also know that this is pretty niche - but I have seen at least some support for it.

Old ideas that touch on similar topics.


Messed up the links oops, really wished we could edit our posts someday.