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Music, Singing, & Playlists
Make some noise, be a star!

The artistry thread reminded me that a long time ago, I played a game where you could compose music and play it on instruments. It was a ton of fun.

What the game did was make a MIDI song each time you played a tune, based on your artistry skill. A skilled player would give a fantastic performance, whereas an awful player would play a disastrous tune that is absolutely painful to hear.

Get enough people together and you could do an ensemble performance:

The way it worked was really simple. You just write the music using a short series of letters and numbers, and then the game would poof it into a song that played for everyone.

It was like this:

t#: set the tempo (60-250, or 120 if not set)

v#: set the volume (1-15, or 15 if not set)

l#: set the normal note length (1 for whole notes, 2 for half notes, etc)

a-g: play a note (add a . to do 1.5x length, a + to make it a sharp note, - for a flat note, a number to change that specific note's length)

r: play a rest (add a .to do 1.5 length, and/or a number to change that rest's length)

>: raise octave


The above was taken from:

That being said, here's what could be done:

1. Composing / Memorizing songs

You need ways to share songs, and memorize them.

Sharing songs? Maybe they can be written on e-notes. Add a printing type called 'score'?

Memorizing songs? Maybe have slots just like memorize/memory, but for music.

2. Singing

Play a single melody from memory. Add lyrics just like singing normally. Include a URL to the song, have it available for listening for 10 minutes before it goes poof.

There could be a handful of "default" songs for the times you hum aimlessly.

3. Playing an instrument

Play multiple melodies at once on a single instrument.

4. New instruments?

Synthesizers! Turns out there are all sorts of CP sounds in MIDI:

You could have different brands capable of different sounds, and set your channels appropriately:

set channel1 on synthesizer to 84

5. Jam

Grab friends for a jam session and/or sing while playing an instrument.

Prepare a Jam, have people join up like follow / escort, then Jam!

I believe MIDI can support up to 16 channels, one of which is a percussion track.

6. Record and play back songs

Save songs and lyrics on a recording device to be played back on personal players, in vehicles, at clubs, during broadcasts, ambient ads, elevator music, etc.

Have a playlist going in a club nonstop, etc. 😁

That's all I got. I know this would take some time to add. But it would be super cool to hear the world. (Also I hear Cerb has a thing for folks who try to sing. 😉)

I am not sure if that is realisticly feasible for a text-based game.

For MMOs, yeah, of course, but for text?

The game already makes links to other stuff and can save files. And midis are very tiny files. Not sure what else would be needed? Even my dumb phone can play music in one tab while I RP in another.
This isn't a terrible idea, but there are other systems that could use a lot more love before something like this would be needed. As is, performance characters can do a pretty good job of relaying what is going on without the need for this.

I'm not knocking it, but like I said, there are other things that need some love way more first.