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Multiply UE & costs by 100
I just don't like seeing decimals.

I don't like seeing decimals and they screw with my head. So I suggest multiplying everything by 100 and hiding decimals beyond that.

Get 300 UE per day. Stats cost 100/200 UE per point, skills cost 50 UE per point.

Past curve, you get whole-digit costs. 59 UE, etc.

This is just a low-priority suggestion to make things visually easier to see. You don't even have to make any changes aside what's visually displayed. Just Rounddown(UE*100) for @stats and Roundup(UE*100) for costs.

What about having to change @assign?
And we don't do any rounding. Wait until it shows you scientific notation! :-D
That's what I meant by visually multiplying the costs, Johnny. 😊

As far as I know, @stats and @assign/chargen are the only places the UE costs/values are visible.

Yes! Just make it show whole numbersssssss
I'm super for this. The significant digits in UE are kind of ridiculous and unnecessary. At the very least round to the nearest like, thousandth or ten thousandth of a UE.
The reason for multiplying by 100 is that I've never cared about thousandths of UE, but hundredths are pretty relevant. And if it were just a whole number my brain could understand it a whole lot more.
Tbh, I like it as it is right now. I wouldn't change it. I get the whole decimals thing, but we only see it when assigning stuff. Then the numbers would be too big and confusing.I'm honestly good without that hassle.
Going to have to multiply it by 100000 or more then ... You want Zimbabwe UE?, because thats how you get Zimbabwe UE!
Johnny riding that slippery slope all the way into the fallout zone. 🤣
I'm only adding 2 significant digits on top of the 4 already present in the fractional ue cost index, thats not off the mark for realistic values. I've seen them get much lower.
I feel very excited if I have saved up a lot of UE in my @stats and then get to spend them. It's like christmas, or a birthday. If they were 30 instead of 3 UE but have the same value, I'd get my hopes up and then just go 'Oh... right'.
Then again, sometimes if I use every little piece I can try to squeeze out of the decimals, I sometimes end up with something weird like a minus in the middle and that confuses me even more.
All about scientific notation
300000 UE a day sounds dang good to me. God tier. But really, I don't know that this is a necessary change? It doesn't functionally change the curve or anything and having a big old fat number would be just as annoying.
I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did at "Zimbabwe UE"

But I agree with Johnny, seems like a low return change that just becomes a slippery slope. To get rid of those large trailing values you would have to change how the breaks work. 23.456 is just as annoying as 23456 to me.

I admit I was not in favor of this until I heard the phrase “Zimbabwe UE”.

You could have an @assign ue and a @assign zue command!

New problem becomes having to enter an exact number of zeros. LOL
I like the decimal / fractional UE.

It emphasizes every single UE spent, even fractions of UE. It does that by implicitly conveying the fact that the game engine is really 'splitting hairs' when it comes down to skill checks, and every single of IOTA of UE spent on a skill or attribute is being factored into the skill checks.

The only pet peeve I have with the system, and it isn't even a major peeve, is when assigning UE to languages. If you have (for example) 0.1405 UE left to assign, you can't assign all of it. You most you can assign is 0.1404. It's not a major issue, but the interface is worded that you "have" a certain amount of UE to assign, but you cannot technically assign (all of) it.