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More Varied Corporate Attackers
Some more spice and variety to encounters

Uncertain how on the admin end these occur but!

Currently, automated attackers on corporate property are all low end vandals. That is great for trying things but does make the task a bit of a chore when there is little threat to the events and usually they are unpuppeted making them very one sided operations.

My suggestion is to have a select variety - vandals, maybe someone who is more combative and attacks PCs/NPCs in an area and need to be dealt with, someone who plants an explosive as a higher end rarer one. Maybe spawn rats that need to be dealt with quietly or something. Idk. Things that are good training/day to day work at the corp but allow a variety of situations to go down without need for admin oversite.


I like this idea but my only concern is it would make the already sparse attacks by actual PC's topside even easier to disregard in the zeitgeist of Sindome. Ideally, I'd like an uptick in actual PC motivated attacks.
I am confused as to how this would make PC attacks easier to disregard. If anything, I feel like it would motivate more PC attacks topside, as they would feel less singled-out.
Oh, I want that as well. I am fully open to more leeway around corporate attacks without Xhelping.

I also want a bit more...RP able to be done around these automated attacks. Given the one sidedness of vandals, it would be nice if some were say, just going to attack right away, or others would have some back and forth or something. That is my biggest pet peeve. Unless you use them as punching bags (which is fine), the RP around them is very...sparse right now.

I agree with @Bogrin here.

From my own experience with attacks in the Mix, I find that then random SICs when people die, "Break out your prayer beads...", etc. encourage me to go out and do crime.

It probably seems silly to long term players to have reminders to do crime. As a newer player, I appreciate them. It emphasizes the commonality of it and makes me feel less likely to be singled out. Or to feel bad about mugging that person I just had a great RP session with in a bar.

Getting back to the original point, I think that if players saw fairly frequent SIC blurbs about "Corp guards" getting attacked and / or killed on Gold, most of us would do more of it.

Fully support this idea, attacks on corps initiated by PCs doesn't happen nearly often enough. This would both fill those lulls, and encourage others to come watch or partake in the chaos! Lots of RP to be had for many groups.
This would go against one of our core values. We don't want to make PVE content.