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More Options In a Grapple
Beyond just choking slowly to death while you go get a soda

Getting this started to continue the discussion from the Town Hall.

Even with the new grapple system, there are still very few options when confronted with a grappler that you can't break free from. While there are numerous options for combat (and escape) until a grapple starts, once you've been grabbed, 'resist' is your only option. It doesn't matter how ace you are in combat, you're stuck without being able to even change postures.

My wish is that there would be something to represent a screaming, kicking fit or intentional attacks. Grabbing that Muay Thai master? Sure, you're choking him, but he's breaking every rib in your body with his knees while you do it.

Representing this with something like allowing short blades, pistols, or unarmed combat to continue while grappled would be a nice option. Even if chances to hit, damage, or attack rates were greatly slowed to represent the grappler having an advantage on you, at least you have an option to kick and scream your way to the grave and make the mano remember you, rather than just going afk waiting to release to a clone or character generation.

It'd be neat if you could do something other than resist. Maybe like counter and reversal, wrestling type moves.

Or what if your current stance affected the type of resistance you mount to a grapple? Like a defensive posture is more tactical, hedging your bets type wiggling away while all out you act like a crazed madman stabbing or shooting wildly. Defensive you might last longer in a grapple but have a lower chance of escaping if you're not skilled while kamikaze is much harder to hold but at a greater risk to your health.

Wanted to bump this, it'd be cool to have some more ways to deal with grapples (maybe dependent on martial arts specialities/melee skills and stats?).

Especially the idea of reversals or the things kroack suggested.

Outside a combat, using grapple allows to hold and carry a sleeping or dead body. But if I'm right, you can pose them one floor only. How about being able to lie them on a bed, a sofa or a table (a variation of 'sit' maybe)?
You can put them on a table, but it has to be an operating table. Examine one the next time you are around one.
Ah okay. My first thought was about a sofa or a bed for someone sleeping on the floor. If it works for an operating table, it should be doable.
I feel that if there are people who focus themselves to be able to grapple you then you are going to get grappled, the same as with people that are focused on shooting guns (Have you dodge many bullets lately Neo?) you are going to get shot.

People are close minded about grapple because, most player fights are 1 vs 1 but in a group fight a grappler is sacrificing his safety to attempt that maneuver and even if successful they are putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

If you are terrified of grapple, learn IC how best to defend yourself against it and stat accordingly or get a sniper rifle and an AV.

Also I think grapple should muffle or alter the speech of a grappled target for when they scream for help or start narrating their death to the no-selling extreme on Public SIC.