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More MacGuffin Task Ideas

I really think that MacGuffins have been great. They produce a lot of RP, including cross-sector RP. They encourage people to get out of their safe zones a little more and offer some opportunities to interact with people you might not otherwise interact with. I'm just A+ on them.

That said, here are some thoughts for extensions:


Perhaps these are scannable items like some of the existing tasks, or they are just coordinates that need to be visited. That said, they'd give more value to 'wasteland guide' Mixers, who might be hired either to do the task or just to escort the corporate folks. Also, they'd be a reason for people to be out in the world more often -- the Badlands give a lot more risk.

Probably you would not want to have more than one of these tasks on any particular project, and not on every project.


Right now, there are a number of tasks that require you to go to a dangerous location and perform an action. Right now, these are tasks that often are either done by CorpSec or by a hired solo, but if a select few of these required the use of some difficult skill that would be pretty cool. I might make the time it takes less than the current tasks, since you need to expose non-combatants, but the skill check enough that it requires some professional skill. I think this would make for cool expeditions of escorting the fancy scientist down to take water samples from the sewers or whatever.

I would also want to make this a 'rare' task, no more than one per project and not every project.


At least so far, I haven't encountered signature requirements from people other than the WJF. I think requiring signatures from other companies for the appropriate things might be cool, or perhaps access to locked areas at other companies. For example, NeoTrans might need access to the Requisitions offices at NLM and VS for an infrastructure project, or NLM might need sign-off from VS for an advertising buy project, or whatever. This would seriously increase the opportunities for intrigue -- now a company can control a location where a project will be -- and also help broader some corporate RP. You might want to make it so it isn't just any person in a company, but require specific job descriptions for specific tasks -- 'VS Corporate Security', or 'VS Scientist', or whatever, if that's not too hard to code. This could also be broadened to Mix signatures -- a syndicate sign-off, for instance, or a CGH sign-off, or whatever.


Public tasks with predictable patterns might be good. 'Return to this scanning site four times, with at least one hour between each visit' or whatever. I might not do this on Red sector too often, but even on Gold -- let's say you need to check inventory at Josephine's 4 times -- it would give more opportunities for ambushes, dip setups, and the like. I think that would give a lot more opportunity for those kinds of setups.

Good post. I like this.
Guess this is a good a thread as any other to tack on ideas about Red sector macguffins / automated projects. I've been thinking about how Red doesn't have enough non-murder crime going on-- and while everyone loves bloodsports, I personally think that robberies and heists are a much bigger staple of the cyberpunk theme than just flatout assassinations.

For your average Red sector player, it may be difficult to imagine what there is to steal, how to make that happen, and who would be interested in buying whatever you steal. It's also good to acknowledge that, as it currently stands, you CAN do robberies and heists by making good use of notes and puppets to get it done-- but while you CAN do it, I feel like it must take a lot of work GM-side to make these heists possible, and if you want to make these a common occurence, some automation would go a long way. Besides actual items that people want to buy, automated macguffins with payouts relative to the difficulty of obtaining them would give people plenty of reasons to go out and raise hell.

The issue is that while these sought after quest items are issued to corps topside, there are less (there are still some, but less prevalent) unifying organizations in the Mix that would put a team together to get these things. This can actually be a good thing, it can encourage some interesting situations where freelancers work together, it can lead to blatant betrayals and backstabbing to get a bigger cut, and some fighting that isn't just fueled by pure drama. Data havens on the grid or in-the-know bartenders and other NPCs should probably mention these macguffins so that players both big and small can plot to get them.

I've talked a lot on how much I absolutely hate the idea of breaking and entering when used to target players in apartments or flats, but I think breaking and entering mechanics on non-housing buildings and doors would go a long way to enable some crazy plots, and utilize a lot of areas in the Mix that have been forgotten by time. MacGuffins placed deep in the recesses of one of the many buildings abandoned by the game, cracked open by a specialist you hired to get you in with bombs, hacking, or even a cutting torch. Squatters or guards set to attack trespassers on sight, different teams vying to get the same prize, it would do wonders to make Red more dangerous and feel more like you're in a cyberpunk criminal underground.

We already have that in game, I'd recommend asking around!