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More love to doggos
Training, combat and leisure breeds.

I love my IC dog and I wonder if she can be better.

There are park's dogs who are terrible, and I was thinking why not have a combat oriented kind of dogs and a leisure kind of dogs?

Bonus, you can train them in combat.

Well, I am dreaming but I wonder if the dream can come true.

Just an idea.

Have you tried providing your dog with cybernetics? Tends to do the trick.
zip-tie a gun to your dog
Pfft, dog with a gun? Long blades.
I was waiting for smarter replies.
If the GMs had the time it might be interesting, but it would require careful balance.
Well, this is a smart reply. It is impossible to implement, I get it.
You need to beginning by training your aspiring combat beast on soft corpies.

The feral trash golems will neck snap it and eat it for breakfast before poor Fido knows what is going on.

I'd prefer combat drones for riggers to attack dogs.
Having an extra anything in combat is already a boon and diminishes hiring out other players to serve the role.

Dogs are likely never to see any sort of boost like this as a result.

Home security dogs
The only enhancement to dogs I'd like to see is genetically-engineered flavorings to be added to the re-pet dogs.

Rare, succulent corpie dog, it tastes like BBQ pulled pork!

This has actually happened in the past under the right circumstances. Not sure if it's done anymore, but it's something if you're in the required scenario you can find out IC.
Giving them a search ability could be interesting. Use trained dogs to help track, maybe give them something that belongs to a player and they can ping if that player is nearby. Low cost tracking system.
That sounds horribly broken.
Dogs need to be able to sniff out drug formulations, so I can properly beat the hell out of people going to other candymen.

'Bark once for Purple Blaze, twice for RockHard™ Everup and three times if I need to kill them, Butch!'

I agree dogs in combat would be OP, but the idea of adding some kind of utility to them is kinda neat. Making them extremely perceptive, or some of them anyway, and good at searching items, detecting hidden people and sneaking people, audible barking from a room or two away if they detect someone, like a cheap alarm system.