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More Growable Plants
Succulents, Herbs and more!

While not a priority at all, I would love some more variation in growable items.

Herbs - literally just for flavor in a room (get it?) but would love some like little herb plants to have in kitchens and just to add some non-bloom plants that still have smells. Also fun flavor for badlands travelers.

Succulents/Cacti- Badlands harvestable or buyable, just a less floral growable plant. Maybe need to be gotten in a plot or non-buyable way to make them generally hard to handle, or require non-city temps to survive.

Vines and Trees - Not necessarily for player consumption, but I enjoy the few larger plants that are items around the game, and would love them to fall under the same mechanics as the flowers for smelling, coloration of leaves, etc.

A template for player submitted plants would be a great start for fix-it folks.
As someone who raises houseplants (I have over 500 in my one bedroom apartment) I support this!
Yes to succulents and cacti! They're my favorite kind of plants to keep, and the only ones my questionable green thumb can manage to care for long term.

I could provide a good list of plants that would be suitable for houseplants given location. I could also divide it up by social class if staff would like that!

I know I’m new here but this is one thing I have a ton of experience in.

I'm just going to pile on to this thread. though I did create my own but I'm piling on! Sunflowers and carnations please! Also, I know we have those hydro gardens that grow vegetables. Well... exactly three vegetables. What about fruit? Strawberries please! Oh and peaches! That is all. As you were. Thank you one and all.

Though really want sunflowers and carnations. I think those totally can be done, given we already have the plant system.

The hydro thing may be a bit more difficult.

Sorry, as you were!

If you type @messages (plant) you will see the messaging required to generate one by a builder. This seems pretty easy to accomplish. Would it be something Staff would like fix-it to do?