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More commands for Pets
And other things.

Yes I posted a week ago about having pets escort. But this thread is a bit broader in terms now that I have had some time with a pup.

So to the original thread. YES! Pets need to have an escort command or a leash command to keep with PC. In reality your doggy is not going to be so slow it gets left behind and lost.

PET RP - I have found this to be a blast, especially if you get around other doggo's but spoofing the entire time is just meh... If we could possibly puppet our own pets (While in the same room) it would open up a lot of RP potential.

Pet LP TP SP- THIS! Needs to be a thing. For the exact same reason as we use them with our PC.

Pet responsibility- We have seen what can be done with a critterdex and I think the same needs to be applied to pets. Feed them. Bathe them. Play with them etc etc. Add some upkeep to them so they are a functional responsibility, and if you treat your pet badly I have no doubt certain judges will quickly issue some fines.

Mix pets- Because why not? You can tame a sewer rat or other small mix animal. Maybe even a stray dog... if they don't eat it.

Just some thoughts. What says the rest of you?

If dogs become like critters, then I would expect a lot of dead dogs in our future.

And I'd love for these irresponsible corpies to get fined and then forced to do community service cleaning Topside street and corporate messes.

Pets should also go around leaving messes in their fancy homes, if they don't do this already.

Also this would open up the door for a side business of cryo cube hotel for 'stashing/parking' pets or just having to pay a trusted service mixer to do some dog sitting.

I like that pets are useless drains on Corpie bank accounts and vehicles for characterization. While millions die in the dome, corpies buy pets that cost more than one life. I'd rather not have to spent limited time tending to an idle game. Having them raised to anything beyond a status symbol can be easily accomplished through rp already. Adding coded hurdles doesn't appeal to me unless it somehow adds to status. If hurdles are added, they should cost money. Mix pets could maybe be added, but should also function as a status symbol and be more vulnerable to death, disease or theft for a more themely perspective.
Agree on the lp/sp/tp and pet emotes as well as the leash thing, but I don't think they need more than that like taking care of them and other chores.

Most importantly, I would like pet variety above all. Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, whatever. As it stands, dogs aren't much of a status symbol because they're not /that/ expensive. Let those high rollers get the genetically spliced super poodle that cost them 100k or that nearly extinct 30 foot anaconda or whatever.

It shouldn't be that difficult to do, since they're essentially just a static item with some movement messages (I'm guessing). A lot of the work could be player-sourced too, in writing the descriptions and messages.

I just want them to occasionally alert you that they need to 'go for a walk' if your CHA is high, or piss and shit all over your flat (or wherever you are in public) if it's sub-standard.
Start asking the builders about building critters and not building places. I think we have more than enough places, but not nearly enough kinds of things to go whomping on.