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More %color in the flesh
Some ideas of implementing color in @nakeds

So, in going about, I've noticed a few things that are lacking color when I think they really should have them, specifically having to do with @nakeds. So I've kinda lumped them all here.

Tattoos - I think that the color for tattoos in the general looking sense should have a slight variation of color for the eye to be able to catch where the flesh ends and where the ink begins. Currently they are set to be the same color as the person's flesh tone. When somebody walks up to me and wants to show off their sweet ink, they expose their arm or what have you, and I have to take a moment to tell what I'm supposed to be looking at.

A color variation on tattoo text will help a player hone their eye in quicker, as well as be able to showcase "This was made by someone else' Artistry skill with a Skinwriter" as opposed to "I just adjusted my @nakeds to have this sweet tattoo at no cost, and I can just get rid of it at any time."

Hair - When we use the hairstyler, it gives us a long list of colors to choose from. What color shall my hair be today? You give us this long long list of colors to choose from, why can't we use the %color chosen by our hairstyler to be included into the description of our heads? It is annoying having to change my @nakeds every time I change my hair color because of the lack of dynamic %color.

Eyes - I personally think that eyes should have their own %color as well, and it actually be forcibly included into the nakeds description. Not in an uneditable way, but in a fashion that %color is a requirement for the @nakeds of the eyes, like it is in the description of tailored clothing. The reason is that if colored contact lenses are to be available as a means of disguise, they should also be able to used to disguise yourself as another player. But if I took the time to scout my target, saw what color eyes they had described themselves as having in their @nakeds, and tracked down colored contact lenses to match, then me going the extra effort (instead of just changing my @nakeds to magically change the color of my eyes somehow) inevitably results in me possibly giving away OOC information that I'm not that person.

Why? Because my eyes pop with the %color of the contacts when you look at me, and the person I'm impersonating's eyes are described with the same color as their skin. With the a part of the focus of disguise also being that we are supposed to hide who we are OOC and fool other players as much as possible, I think this should be looked at.

Also, forgot to mention this one too.

Concealer - Makeup. Apply to skin. Change skin tone for that part of the body.

You can find a lot of great feedback on similar ideas below.