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Molotov business should close
Closed for repairs

If this is a thing, then please tell me because I am still getting re-aclimated, but....

I think it should be a thing that if your business is hit with a molotov and the fire rages out of control and kills people, you should probably be forced to shut down for a set period of time (24-48 hours etc).

My thoughts behind this, all realism aside (Because your spot would be a charred room sized ashtray) is that if you are having issues with business owners (They are not paying you protection, you just don't like them too much, their only rated 2/5 stars on yelp) molotoving and bombing their building should be an RP creating and efficient way of hitting them instead of the typical killing/beating scenario.

Also, I know, this could be abused heavily. I get it, but that's what discussions are for to take an idea and mold it to fit (or not to fit)

I have seen this done in the past when a place gets hit hard. I'm not sure what criteria the GMs use to decide if a place should be shut down or not or for how long but it does happen sometimes.
In the past I've seen this decided by the business owner or the GM for theme. The main issue is that it takes a little (not a lot) of GM involvement to do this real quick. If it could be automated and maybe a IC task assigned to WCS so you could purposefully expedite the repair process with chyen - i think that would be perfect.
I don't want to automate impacting businesses for people who want to do nothing but firebomb places endlessly with molotovs.

All buildings in Withmore are equipped with Fire suppression systems, and do much to limit damage.

I shut down businesses when I need or want them to be shut down so I can make considerations for impact on people's RP.

Players don't make the same considerations, some just want to see the world burn, literally, with text molotovs... So again, I don't see how we could automate this and prevent bakas from firebombing every business in the Mix while disguised and hidden.

Would you classify bartenders/cashiers/NPC employees getting a timed measure of not doing their jobs and the doors being locked by PC employees to do clean up as automating it?

Also, are molotovs and pipe bombs and grenades no big deal if it's a disguised person hiding outside waiting for the most impactful time to do it ?

I'm saying that GMs don't have time to respond all the time, and they should be notified before you do anything like this, and automation of this kind of thing is generally bad news because players abuse it.

I am not interested in giving players more ways to abuse the game, so we just have to rely on GM activity and a player letting a GM know that they're doing this, so the GM can respond realistically, like get medical care for NPCs, respond with security, run customers out, lock the doors, repair damage, you know all the things that require a GM to puppet an NPC for.

Honestly Reef I agree. I can see a toooon of the people of withmore just saying 'Sup fuckers!' and bombing random restaurants endlessly.
Er. Cerb. Wrong person. Sorry. I agree with not automating it.
My impression has always been that med tech in Withmore is more advanced than what we have IRL. It's the only reason I can think of to explain how a character can go from beaten to death to up and running in a matter of minutes - given they see a Doc. And I believe that this is intentional as it's not fun to be bed ridden for hours, days or weeks because you lost a fight or got hit by a grenade. If this is the case, I'm not sure it makes sense to have NPCs be taken out of action for extended periods.

Also, I think that this kind of thing is possible but it takes prep work and GM help. First you write a note describing your plan and your desired effects (I want to bomb biz X in hopes of taking it out of business for a few days because the manager of biz X pissed me off.) Then you xhelp before doing it and get the go ahead from the GM (don't just check @who). Once the GM says go, you do it and then the GM will implement the appropriate fallout (though it might not be what you had hoped for).

I am all for people getting bombed.

But, it would also be nice if businesses could, close the door or put on some safeguard to prevent stuff from flying in and blowing up the party.

Because this happens a lot.

Or Immies from walking into blazing infernos...