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Modular Cybernetics
Lighter, flashlight, vibrator, knife... And it's also a gun.

So, concept bouncing around in my brain. Not sure how hard it would be to implement, given that it's almost an entire rework of the way cybernetic limbs are handled, but... Hear me out.

Rather than the current system, where cybernetic limbs are package deals, why not use something a bit more modular and personalized? Rather than restricting cybernetic limbs to their 'factory default', why not open it up a bit more? Have the actual 'install' be just a mounting plate. On top of that, open up the limbs themselves to more customization. Let mechanically inclined PC's have a bit of fun with it, so you wind up with these sleek, slick looking custom bits of chrome from topside, and these much clunkier, more utilitarian bits down in the Mix. Plus, depending on the 'grade' or quality of the original limb, dictates how many upgrade/module/whatever slots can go into it.

Again, spitball idea that my brain dredged up, and I have *absolutely* no idea how hard it'd be to implement, and I'm sure there's far more to it buried somewhere in my head than what I'm typing here, so ask any questions about the idea and I'd be more than happy to elaborate!

+1. Though it might be a little hard to implement due to things like balance reasons and such.

Also it could use the same sort of code as the skillsofts code maybe?

I mean really, even if it's just aesthetics and basic utility type things (Lighter in the thumb, vibrator for Reasons), I really think it'd make for a fantastic expansion on the current usage of cybernetics. Gives people the option of playing engineer/blacksmith type characters, whose entire thing is customizing or even making custom cybernetic limbs. Really introduce a dynamic where Mixers don't *have* to drop several thousand chy on something by SK, with the tradeoff that it's not going to be a slim, refined, or have as many features as something from topside.

Plus, gives those with mechanics skills something to do in the Mix beyond work on the (noticeably scarce) vehicle pool, or go work for a certain taxi company.

Yes yes yes!!

There's been some discussion on this in the past few months, but no action on it as of yet (understandable, staff are busy!)

So I'm gonna boost these two amazing threads as well:

Re: Custom chrome (or cosmetics or other equipment) from Summer Town Hall 2020:

Fengshui says loudly, "That adds a lot of bloat."

Fengshui says loudly, "The reason we avoid everything being customaizable is that the generic messages take no space up."

I'd love to see cyberware (and biomods for that matter) treated as much as a ready fashion accessory as clothing is at present, but it doesn't seem like it's in the cards.

My view is that cybernetic limbs are too expensive and have too high a PDS load to ever compete with chrome that actually boosts a character's abilities or stats, and will probably only ever be a niche thing unless something significant changes about them.