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Medical training dummies
Test your healing

So we have dummies for combat, but can we have dummies for medical purposes.

It could help give a baseline to medics for certain things, a very general rating for the mainline healing mechanics. Like a certification of sorts 'yes you can heal' 'yes you can stabalize' 'yes you can resus' have grading 1,2,3 or something.

It would be helpful across all places that hire medics, be it corporations, wjf, clinics or even privately for events or 'jobs'.

It is easy to gauge what damage people can do, but it is a lot harder to judge what damage people can fix. Would be cool to have even the most rudimentry feedback on this beyond just.

"Ok fix this guy and hope he doesn't die"

This doesn't need a system, just roleplay it.
Respectfully, I don't know that RPing it will give them any feedback on how they might do with their skills in a 'real situation. I think that was the gist of the request.

Yes, RPing their practice is good to show UE investment. But, many other skills have tasks that show feedback.

I think people are too afraid of failing. You're supposed to fail.
Worse, even if a dummy did exist, it would be a lot like the vehicle examination for skills. It's SO dependent on environment, what the attacker attacked with, their skills, etc, it would just be a constantly inaccurate result that would have no utility beyond just being a dick measuring contest.

If you're a medic. Put your skills into medic places. If you go out and try to do your job and suck at it, that's part of your character growth. Go out and suck at things.

Even when your skills are high you can crit fail at any time.

If you REALLY need a test subject, go sponsor a hobo fight and patch up the contestants after with a mentor in place if the trainee fails. That creates roleplay and is much better than a PVE item that is inaccurate. Do you see my point here?